Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Curves Around the World: Favorite Song

Hello Beauties!!! Sorry for a lack of posts and comments on your blogs, this month has been crazy for me. But I'm trying to catch up and today's post is on time, Yay! So this week's theme is "favorite song," and let me tell you I have a lot of favorite songs. All my favorite songs have special meanings to me whether they inspire me or have memories attached to them. So when I was thinking of which one to choose it was a tough decision. But I decided to go with something that inspires me and also has memories attached to it. 
So the song that I chose was Shades - "Eventually," the first time I heard this song was from my sorority because it's like our theme song you can say. And before you judge me for being in a sorority let me say that it's not your typical sorority, it's a Filipino based one that teaches culture, self empowerment, community action and so much more. I have learned so much about my culture and myself from being a part of it. So when I think of this song it reminds me of how far I've come and how much of a stronger person I am. But the song itself is very inspiring and whenever I hear it I feel inspired to keep going. So your probably like how does my outfit fit into this song, I'm wearing my sorority colors burgundy, grey and white. I thought since this song reminds me so much of my sorority I might as well wear something that represents it. 

So the above is the only video of the song that I could find that would play on my phone. The video is not the original song but a remake of the song and the group sang it beautifully. So listen to it if you would like to hear the song. But I'm going to put some of the lyrics on here too. 
Shades - "Eventually"
Sometimes this world can be cold
When you're on your own it's a struggle everyday
Just to be a woman with dignity
So we've got to find a way so all the world can see
That we deserve equality
And one day it can be if there's faith
Inside yourself and me
{Shirt - Target} {shoes - Old Navy} {Skirt - Made by my mom}
We can conquer almost anything
Show the world we can be anything
So the hopes and dreams of yesterday
And wishes that you make today come true
Eventually they do
If we can make it through
And find that strength in you
Eventually is you
True times they may be hard
But not to hard to take
Just a part of life we live
So keep in mind
With every day you wake
In this life we live
You get back only what you give
So we have got to give it all
And all that we believe
And love because I know that we

So I didn't put the whole lyrics on here but I hope you listen to the song, it's a really great song. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed today's theme. 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. As usual, I love your interpretation of these theme posts, especially how you tie fashion to memory. This is such a concise, beautifully synthesized post. The English teacher in me loves that! The song ties to your college days, which you represent in your look. I really like this look too, and I feel like these pieces could transition really easily into fall. Pair with black or gray cardigans, tights, and booties, and these pieces become all-season wear. Those sandals are so chic, too!

    <3 Liz

    1. Awe thanks Liz, yeah I like to think fashion can mean more then clothes, they can come with memories and feelings as well. :) But yeah I didn't know you were an English teacher, that's so awesome! :) And yeah I actually was thinking this is a fall outfit when I picked it out but I thought it represented the song to me so I wore it anyways and tried to make it more summer with the sandals! :)

  2. i've never heard that song before! great choice. and thank you for always stopping by :)

  3. That last picture is so cute. :-)

  4. Cute look... I especially love the shoes! I really enjoy your CATW posts and appreciate the thoughtfulness and meaning of the song you chose. :-)


  5. you really look fresh and stylish - I can see you really are enjoying summer: great stuff!!! those lyrics are deep - we really do reap what we sow :)


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