Thursday, July 24, 2014

Curves Around the Word: Belts

Hey Lovelies!!! So it's still the middle of the week, so technically this isn't that late. But yes my July has been really crazy with everything, am I the only one or are you all having crazy July's too? But yes this week's theme is Belts, and I don't own too many of them but I recently got a new belt and thought it would be perfect for this week. 

So let me tell you about this belt, I have been wanting one of these for awhile. One of my fellow "Curves Around the World" ladies Kate has a similar belt and I always tell her I've always wanted a belt like that. So when I was looking at the clearance section of H&M and saw this belt I knew I wanted it. But my problem is that I usually never fit belts and I never fit belts at H&M so I was already thinking that it wouldn't fit me. But then I remembered that you never know unless you try it and I was surprised when I tried it on because it fit me well. I should have known though because it's a stretchy material and when belts are stretchy they usually have more give for people. 
{Jumpsuit-Forever21+} {Belt-H&M} {shoes-Old Navy}
Now let me tell you about this jumpsuit, I just got it this weekend. I loved the bright colors and the paisley print of the dress, plus it was only about $15 from forever 21+. I've been on the lookout for a cute jumpsuit but haven't had any luck until I saw this one. I really love the fit of it and it doesn't ride up in the crotch area like other jumpsuits have on me.  
But it has some down falls, the opening is on the back and are buttons which I can't button alone. Which means I have to ask someone to help me put it on and take it off. So because of that I might have to return it but I'm trying to figure out an easier way to put it on and take it off. Does anyone have any suggestions? Because I do love the jumpsuit, but if it wasn't so hard to put on and take off it would be perfect. 
I took a picture of me in the jumpsuit with and without the belt to show the difference. The belt really does make a difference and that's what I love about belts. The outfit looks more everyday without the belt and when you add the belt it automatically dresses up the jumpsuit. What do you think about belts? 
Thanks for reading! I hope all of you have a fantastic week! 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. This outfit is so perfect for the summer, and I love that belt - in my head if I saw the two near each other I would think they'd clash, but looking at them they really look great together. Very cute. I'm glad you decided to try on the belt from H&M, worked out in the end :)

    1. Thanks Ais, yeah I like to try things that I might not think would work together and then I find out it works out.

  2. The romper is cute with or without the belt, but I love these types of belts, and it looks really cute with the colors in the romper. I haven't found a romper or jumpsuit that works for me. I might have to try one out from F21! :-)


    1. Thanks Cassie and yeah you should try one from forever 21 but they have so many rompers everywhere right now so maybe you will find one that works for you!

  3. Omg! Omg! Omg! I JUST saw this playsuit on another blogger on IG and was drooling all over it. Now I hop over here to catch up on my blog reading, and you're sporting it as well! It's such a fun piece, isn't it? You're rocking' it! Those punchy, citrusy colors are amazing with your complexion and hair, too. I know you've been on the hunt for the perfect playsuit, and this one is exactly that: just perfect. What a summery look! That belt is a great accent too, and the black and metallic accessories keep the focus on the playsuit while complementing it at the same time. I know you've been wanting to build your belt collection too, so you got to check two things off the list with this outfit. Stunning!

    <3 Liz

    1. Awe Thanks Liz and yeah it's a great summer playsuit and I have to say I actually found a few others for summer, I can't wait to show them. But yeah I'm glad I got to check some things off my list with this outfit. :)


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