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Hello, my name is Nina and I created this blog because I have always loved fashion for as long as I can remember. But have not been able to express it because it took me a long time to love myself. It was a Journey that I'm still going through but I have learned to love myself so much more and because of that I have been able to explore fashion and been able to express myself much more better. I hope to inspire other to do so as well.

When I was younger I was obsessed with dolls because I love dressing them up, I think I had more doll clothes then dolls. When they developed computers I loved to make the online dolls and have them dress up in different outfits, I could do that for hours. So from a young age I already knew that I really loved fashion and shopping too. But when I got older and it got harder for me to go shopping, I drifted away from fashion, but still loved it because I would watch shows like "Project Runway" but it was hard for me to express this passion I had for fashion because it was so hard enough to find clothes that even fit, let alone stylish. But my mom learned how to sew and it changed my world, I rediscovered my passion for dressing up. I was now able to wear something that I would not be able to find in my size or I wouldn't be able to afford. Now that there is more options for plus size girls, it made my passion for fashion grow even more. But I still wear the clothes that my mom makes for me, even though she doesn't sew that much anymore, I will not forget how she learned to sew so that I would be able to wear more clothes that were more me. So you will for sure still see me wearing things that my mom had sewn for me on this blog! I'm also hoping to learn to sew myself, soon hopefully. 

So, I started blogging in 2010 (Fobulous Me), because I have always loved fashion and I was also passionate about my culture as well. So the blog was a mix of fashion and my Filipino culture. But I had to stop because I moved to the Philippines to try pursue a career in nursing. But I moved back home due to personal problems and to be honest I became really lost and wasn't in a good place. But then some of my close friends suggested that I should do a blog again because it was something that I had really enjoyed and they knew that I really liked fashion. So one day I decided to start "Curvy Mod" and made me rediscover the passion for fashion that I had. This blog has been a great outlet for me to rediscover myself and my style.

[Curvy Mod] = [ /ˈkərvē/ /mäd/ ]

By definition Curvy is shapely and Voluptuous (referring to a women's figure) and Mod means Modern, stylish and fashionable or a modification. 

The name of the blog came along because I asked some of my close friends to help me think of a name for my blog and when one of them suggested CurvyMod, I immediately loved it. So the name means I am a proud curvy plus size women that loves fashion and am always changing like fashion. 

My tagline, "Don't Change Yourself to fit Fashion, Change Fashion to fit You!" came along because I saw it on pinterest and knew I wanted it to be my motto for the blog. I truly believe that you shouldn't have to change yourself to be fashionable and that everyone no matter what size you are can be fashionable. You should not let your size hold you back from being you.


  1. Love this!! And I totally agree- it's totally never too late to dream and go for what your heart is truly passionate about!

    Love your blog! You are amazing <3

  2. I have the same sentiments too... Inspiring!!!!


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