Thursday, December 10, 2015

Some Plaid and a Little Leg

Hello Friends!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying their December so far, I love the Holiday season it just makes me happy. But yeah today's post is what I wore recently out to the the LACMA with my friends. 
So for my blog I always have a problem taking pictures because I usually take them on my own with a tripod. So when I get dressed up I usually don't have time to take them because I need to get somewhere or it's too dark outside already. So for today's post I tried and took a few photo's at home but I was so thankful that one of my friends offered to take some pictures of me while at the museum. I hate asking them because it feels weird when the whole group is staring at you when take pictures. But the pictures came out so great I'm happy I took them. 
So we went to the LACMA for the Rain room exhibit, it's a room that has rain that is motion censored so when you walk through the room you don't get wet. It was such an interesting experience to walk through rain and not get wet and the pictures look so cool. Below is a picture taken in the rain room.
So across from the LACMA they always have a bunch of food trucks so we headed over there to get some food and we noticed this wall that was up. We went closer to see what it was and it's actually a part of the Berlin Wall. It is actually the largest stretch of the Berlin wall in the US and outside of the Berlin. This was the back of the wall but it looked great in the front as well, it's great to see a part of history. 
 [Skirt & Top:Forever 21+] [Shoes:Ross] [Bag:Kate Spade]
So when I got this skirt recently on clearance at Forever 21+ and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off because it's a little different for me. But since I started my blog I have continued to step out of my comfort zones and try different styles. Since the price was right I took it and I'm glad I did because it's such a fun skirt to wear and I'm actually really loving the slit on it. 
Is there a style you love but haven't tried yet, what is it? Have you been to the museum recently? Did you see any good exhibits?
Thanks for reading!!!

XOXO - Nina
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  1. I actually wore an all black & white outfit today! It made me think of you and how you always make them so interesting. This outfit looks fabulous on you. And that is fantastic that your friend was able to take pictures at the museum, they turned out great. I am sort of getting used to having people look when my husband is taking my pics. We recently had a sweet woman and her dog stand and talk to us the entire time he was snapping away. It was funny because she never asked why we were taking pictures, she was just wanting to talk.


    1. Thanks Janeane and yes I do love me some black and white outfits. But yeah it's still something I need to get used to taking pictures out in public but yeah that's so cute how the lady went and talked to you while you were taking that pictures.

  2. This outfit is fierce! Relaxed but still sexy. And I like the mix of city-meets-country with the black zipper skirt and western shirt. I've been loving all the pictures you've been posting to IG of your LACMA trip.

    It looks like you're standing next to a Richard Serra sculpture in the second photo, right? We studied his art at a teaching conference and talked about the relationship between art and viewer and how he was trying to create a sensory experience with those giant walk-through sculptures.

    And the photos in the rain room are too cool, especially the one you posted to IG with all your friends in it together. What a fun girls' day outing!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, I was little unsure about this outfit but I'm happy it worked out well. Oh and yes I am standing next to a Richard Serra sculpture, that's awesome that you knew that!

  3. I am inlove with your top Nina and LACMA is such a wonderful place!!!

    love lots,

    1. Thank you and yes the LACMA is pretty wonderful! :)

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