Thursday, July 17, 2014

Curves Around the World: Vacation

Hey Beauties! So it's that time again for another "Curves Around the World post," that week went by way too fast. Is it just me or is this month moving way too fast? But yeah this weeks theme is "Vacation," I could really use a vacation right now but I don't think I will have one for awhile. But that doesn't mean you can't dream of one and maybe if I get a chance I'll be able to take a day-cation to the beach before the summer ends. But for right now this is an outfit I would wear if I went on vacation.
So when I think of a vacation I think of something easy to wear possibly to the beach and then maybe later for drinks. So for me that screams maxi dress because it's one of the easiest things to wear and can be very versatile. 
Let me tell you a story about this maxi dress, it's a few years old and it was the first maxi dress I ever owned. I kind of forgot that I had it but I was cleaning my closet a few weeks ago to get rid of some clothes and I found this dress in the back of my closet. This dress was made for me by my mom when maxi dresses first started getting in fashion and I couldn't find any in my size and the ones in my size we couldn't afford. I remember I really loved this dress but back then I wasn't very comfortable with my body. So I ended up never wearing this dress because back then I kept saying I will wear it when I loose weight and what happened was it was in the back of my closet and I never wore it till now. I am now a lot more confident in myself then I was before and I have even gained weight since then but I wont keep myself from wearing what I like because I'm happy with myself. 
{sandals & Bag-Old Navy} {Hat-swap meet} {earrings-Philippines} {bathing suit top - Forever 21+} {sunglasses - Forever 21}

When I took these pictures it was so hot and the sun was shining, I really wanted to jump in the pool but I had lots of errands to run right after taking these. I still haven't had time to actually swim in my pool yet this summer but I know I will make time to get in the pool before summer ends. 
I wanted to show the versatility of the maxi dress and show that I could also wear it as a maxi skirt with my bathing suit top. I thought this was a fun alternative to wearing the maxi dress and when your on vacation you need to pack versatile clothing that you can wear more then one way to help keep your luggage to the minimum.   
Thanks for reading! Are any of you going on any Vacations soon? What do you like to wear on your Vacations? I would love to hear it, just leave me a comment in the bottom. 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. Super cute! How did you make it into a skirt, is it actually do pieces or did you fold the top down?

  2. wish i could rock a maxi dress like you! i look ridiculous in them

    1. Awe thanks Elle and I totally think you could rock one and look amazing, its all about attitude! :)

  3. You look great! And such an awesome story about your growth in confidence! Love the way you worked it as both a dress and skirt! :-)


    1. Thanks Cassie, I have for sure came a long way.

  4. Luggage to a minimum is a very, very good thing - especially if they're going to weigh your bags and you intend to shop wherever you're vacationing. As to the outfit, very cute, I can see both ways to wear it being just right for lounging on the beach, depending on how much of a tan you want :)


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