Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Curves Around the World: Scarf

Hello loves!
I hope all of you are having a great Spring so far! Well it's that time again for another "Curves Around the World" post and this weeks theme is "Scarfs!" I love scarfs, I think they can be worn in so many different ways and they can transform an outfit plus they can also help keep you warm when it's cold. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Curves Around the World: Favorite item of Clothing

Hello beauties!!! 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, Spring is almost here! Well technically here in California it feels like we skipped Spring and went straight to summer because the temperatures are already in the 80's. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Blogs 1st year Anniversary!

Hey Everyone, Guess what? It's the 1st Anniversary of my Blog!!!

I started this blog because I wanted to start blogging again because I wasn't in a very happy place in my life and I remembered how much I enjoyed it when I used to blog. So this time last year I just randomly decided to start blogging again with the support from my friends, I got the courage to start CurvyMod. It has been a rough journey for me but I can truly say I enjoyed all of it. Since I started the blog I have grown so much personally and style wise. I have grown to love myself so much more and have gained more confidence in myself as well. With the better confidence I was able to push myself style wise to step out of my comfort zones and try new things. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Curves Around the World: Peplum

Hello Beauties!!! 
So it's the the middle of the week again and you all know what that means...Another "Curves Around the World" themed post. This week's theme is "Peplum," well let me tell you a little secret, I don't like peplums. Well it's not that I don't like them, it's more I don't like how they look on me. I've tried so many on within the few years that it's been in style but have always hated the way it looked on me. But that doesn't mean I wasn't going to do this theme, I decided once again to step out of my comfort zone and try once again. 
Like I said above I am not a big fan of peplums on myself, so that means I didn't have one to use for this theme, so that means I had to go shopping. I tried a few on and once again I didn't like how they looked on me, but I finally saw this one at Jcpenny. By the way if you haven't been to Jcpenny's they have really cute brands like I heart Ronson, Nicole by Nicole Miller and Bisou Bisou(mines Bisou Bisou). But yeah I decided not to try it on because I thought I might not like it so I decided to take a risk and just buy it. What attracted me to the top was that it was black and white and you all know I love black and white and plus it was on sale with an extra percent off. 
{top:Jcpenny} {leggings:Forever 21+} {shoes:Target} {necklace:H&M}
So today when I put on the top I kind of like it, but I'm really sure. I'm actually thinking I might return the top because I'm not sure if I really like it. That's one thing I'm trying to do when I shop, buying things that I really love because I have so many things in my closet that I buy just because and I end up never wearing it.
But yeah what do you think, should I keep the peplum or return it? 
So I wanted to show a close up of this necklace that I got from H&M for only $2.50 it was from one of those sales where you get an extra 50% off from the already reduced price, I love those kind of sales. But yeah I have been wanting to wear this necklace and I thought it would go really well with this top. I really fell in love with this necklace when I saw it and I love the pops of color. 
So changing subjects, today when I was getting ready to take these pictures I reached for a sweater and your probably thinking so? But it's actually in the 80's here in California and it's hot. But I've been so used to covering my arms that today thinking of showing my arms again kind of brought me back to when I was so uncomfortable to showing them off and the sweater is like my safety blanket. But then I had to remind myself of how far I've come with loving myself and as you can see I didn't wear my sweater. I just remind you if your like me and it took a long time for you to love yourself that you can have some moments you forget but you just need to remind yourself that you are Beautiful! Sorry for the small little side story but I thought I would share if someone that follows me happens to read this and has ever felt the same way. Remember loving yourself can be a tough journey but you can do it! :) 
Thanks for reading, now don't forget to check out the other wonderful ladies from "Curves Around the World" and show them some love.

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Curves Around the World: Monochrome

Hello Lovelies!!! Can you believe it's March already? I can't believe how fast everything is going by. But yeah I hope everyone is enjoying March so far! But yeah it's the middle of the week and another Challenge for "Curves Around the World!" This week's theme is Monochrome, now if you've been following my blog you know that I wear a lot of black and white outfits. So instead of doing black and white I decided to challenge myself and do a monochromatic look which is like monochrome but with color. 

What is Monochromatic? 
According to the dictionary Monochromatic refers to a single hue in a color palette that is expanded upoon by adding tint variants (lightness and saturation) of that color to create a more balance look.
So for this weeks theme I created two different looks to show off different ways you can pull off a monochromatic look without using the usual black and white. I have to admit I wasn't sure about using different colors because black and white are my comfort zone but I really wanted to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone and these are the two outfits I came up with. I came up with a grey outfit which isn't too far from black and white and a coral outfit to show more color. In this week's post I'm going to give you a few tips to consider when putting together a monochromatic look. 
{top:Old Navy} {skirt:Made by my Mom} {shoes:Ross} {Necklace:swampmeet}

  • Look for contrasting colors within the same hue. Mix and match bold colors with more understated ones. For example in the outfit above I used a darker grey and a lighter one. 
  • Create contrast with textures, textured fabrics can add more visuals with your outfit. You can break up a simple color scheme by mixing and matching different textiles. For example, above I played with textures by using lace to change the textures of my outfit. 
  • For plus size girls like myself you can balance your proportions by choosing the right colors if it's more comfortable to you. You can use darker colors for area's you might want to cover up and lighter on the others. For example, I don't like my arms and the top area of my body so I chose to use a darker color compared to the bottom which is much lighter. 

  • Accent with Accessories, you can add accessories that add pops of color to your outfit. This is just to help add another element to your outfit. For example in the outfit above I added a gold necklace with pops of blue because I felt it added to the outfit.
  • Use prints, using prints in your outfit can be an easy way to add multiple shades of color in your outfit. Then with your print you can add a coordinating solid to make your outfit complete. Now I didn't try this method in any of my outfits but I have seen this done and its an easy way to do a monochromatic look. 
  • Lastly take risks, have fun and be confident. Monochromatic doesn't have to be the same black and white, just have fun with it. 

{top:Old Navy} {skirt:Target} {Shoes:Ross} {Necklace:was a gift}

I really hope you liked my post this week, I know it was a little different then I usually do but I hope the tips I gave will come in handy for you. Plus if you create a colorful monochromatic look, I would love to see it. 

Thanks for reading, now don't forget to check out the other wonderful ladies from "Curves Around the World" and show them some love.

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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