Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plus Size Music Festival Style

Hey everyone, I hope your all doing good. Well this past weekend there was a big music festival called Coachella and I had a lot of friends go, it's not really my kind of thing but I love looking at the fashion at the event. Pictures from the event are all over the internet like pinterest and other websites. But I noticed something while looking through all the pictures, there is no plus size person in any photos and that kind of made me think why isn't there any photos of Plus-size individuals. Well I know that there had to be some that went, so i decided to put together a mood board of what I think some fashionable plus-size women would wear to Coachella. 

Plus Size Festival style

Plus Size Festival style by curvy-mod featuring low heel booties

Have any of you been looking through photos from the event? And if you have,  did you see any plus size girls? Why do you think there are no photos of plus size girls from Coachella? 

Well have a wonderful day ~Nina~ 


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah I really like them too, there from forever 21+. :)

  2. I have that lace top/dress, and I'm seriously craving those shorts and maybe that fringed bathing suit!

    it's unfortunate, but not surprising that plus-size women aren't being featured on Pinterest and internet sites. Just like the mainstream media tends to exclude plus-size women in other areas, the same is true of the coverage of music festivals. I think showing a plus-size woman as happy, fashionable, and having interests outside of eating or wishing she were smaller would fly in the face of the caricature that is usually made of plus-size women as being anything but those things.

    That's why fashion blogging by diverse women of all shapes and sizes is so important!!


    1. Yeah when I saw the dress I remember you wearing it in one of your photos and yeah those shorts are really cute.

      But yeah I totally agree with you, that is why i blog and try to support other bloggers as well.

  3. I totally agree! Last night when I was looking through Coachella outfit photos I was wondering, where are all my plus sized peeps at? Anyway, I'll be posting my own Coachella-inspired look soon so yay! :)

    1. Yeah I know it's kinda sad how we don't see any plus size people in Coachella pictures. Oh I can't wait to see your look, I plan on doing one ss well! :)


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