Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Avenue Wide Calf Boots

Hello Friends!
Holiday season is always crazy for me but for some reason this year it went by too quick that I didn't even get time to enjoy the season. So sorry for the lack of season inspired posts, my life has been too crazy this year, I'm ready for 2017! Today's post I'm working with the OC plus Bloggers again and were talking about my favorite kind of shoes, boots! I love boots but finding wide calf boots that fit can be hard, so today we are all sharing about different pairs of wide calf boots from Avenue! 
I know I've said this on my blog before but I love boots and I own more boots then any other type of shoe, I'm just drawn to them because they are so much more comfortable to me then any other shoe. I actually wear boots all year round, so I can't really say yay it's boots season because I always wear boots. When I lived in the Philippines which is a tropical island, I had a pair of knee high boots I wore even though it was hot outside because they were my favorite and didn't care if people thought I was weird. 
With that you can tell I really do love boots but finding a good pair can be hard because I have wide calves. The struggle is real when looking for a pair, I would try boots that said wide calf but would not be able to zipper them up or pull them up past my calves. One thing that came in handy in finding a good wide calf boot is knowing your calf size, my calf is 18 inches. You can easily find out yours by measuring your calf area with a tape measure. Knowing your calf size can help when finding wide calf boots because a lot of them have a circumference measurement which is the calf size. 
Now when I was looking at boots at Avenue the first thing I looked at was the circumference to see if the boots would fit my calves. All of the boots that I looked at had approximately 18 inch circumferences which was good for me since my calves are 18. I ended up choosing the Joey Tassel Healed boots because I've been wanting a pair of tall heeled boots and these looked really cute. 
[Boots - Avenue (here)]

Now all of the boots at Avenue are wide width and wide calf, so when you get a wide width shoes you should size down, I'm a size 8 usually but I sized down to a 7 because they didn't have a 7 1/2 and it fits me perfectly. I was nervous they wouldn't fit but I was surprised how well they actually fit me. The calf area fits just right but the top of the boots are a little loose on me but I think that's just the way they are. I tried these boots with jeans and they fit great. I actually don't own a pair of boots that I can wear with jeans because they are all so tight they don't fit over my jeans, so I'm happy these actually fit over my jeans. I also really love the little tassels in the back, I think they are cute little touch. 
So aside from the boots can I tell you how much I love this sweater that I'm wearing! I actually saw this sweater on a mannequin before but they didn't have my size but the day I hung out with the OC plus bloggers I stopped by another Old Navy that I passed on my way home and they had it and it was 50% off. I took it as a sign that it was meant to be and I got it and I've been wearing it a lot ever since. Do you ever think that when your shopping, when you see something you didn't get and then you see it again its on sale and your size, do think it's a sign its meant your for? I like to think that when I don't get something but then it might be my excuse to buy something new. 
 [Sweater:Old Navy] [Dress:Forever 21+] [Bag:h&M]
So I really am happy with the boots because you can wear them with a lot of different things and they can be worn dressed up or dressed down. They are also very comfortable, I really like the chunky heel because it's comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. If you looking for some wide calf boots I definitely suggest checking out Avenue, plus a lot of the boots are on sale right now too!  
Thank you for reading, don't forget to check out the other ladies and see which wide calf boots they chose! 
Bianca From Bianca Karina
Veronica from Cid Style File

XOXO - Nina
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  1. Out of all of our looks, yours is definitely my favorite! It's simple, clean and easy enough that almost anyone can do it with what they already have in their closet. All they need are some solid wide calf boots.

  2. I really love your look, Nina!!! I love boots too, and like you, I have wide calves which make it hard to find boots that fit. My other issue is that I have really small feet - I need a size 5 which is next to impossible to find in a wide calf fit. Your boots are super cute and great advice to measure your calves!!


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