Friday, August 30, 2013

Wet Seal Plus

Hey lovelies! I hope your all have a wonderful weekend, and the ones in the US I hope your enjoying your 3 day holiday. 

Well I wanted to tell you that I went to Wet Seal in Brea yesterday for the opening of there Plus size line. Let me tell you wanted to go but I'm really a shy person and I have a hard time going to new things because I get very nervous. So I tried to invite some of my friends to go with me, just so I can feel more comfortable but they all had things to do. So I decided to concur my fear and just go because I really wanted to meet some of the great curvy bloggers from LA. 

So I decided to suck it up and concur my fear and go! I'm so happy I went because it was great to go to such an event and to see the new plus size clothes from Wet Seal and I also met two great Curvy Fashionistas that I have admired for awhile. I wasn't able to stay that long because I had a family dinner but I'm still really happy I went and I'm really proud of myself too! I think it's ok to be proud of yourself especially when you did something you were scared to do.

This was the front of the store!

This was the inside of the store, all the plus sizes were on one side of the store and they had some refreshments there. 
These are the two Curvy ladies that I admire a lot 
Marie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista) and Marcy Guevara (The Marcy Minute)

They were so nice and Marie told me I was so shy and it's true I really am. It's something I've always struggled with. When I'm with people I know I'm not shy at all but when I meet new people and it's a new environment I get so nervous and am so shy. But I'm trying to get it over this, just like loving myself I'm taking it one step at a time. 
So If your wondering what I bought, I got this shirt with a skull on it. There were a lot of things that I thought were cute and I wanted but when I saw this, I really liked it and was thinking that it would be a great piece for fall and winter. There are a few other items that I really liked but wasn't able to get because I don't have lots of money. hehe :) But yeah I got my eye on a few items, so if I get some extra cash I might just get them! I tried to take pictures of the items but they came out blurry.
They also gave out some gift bags for the first 50 people there and I happened to get one. This is what was in the bag, they had a cute wet seal tumbler with chocolate in it, a crochet beanie and a journal. 

So yeah I'm really happy I went, it was a good experience for me. But yeah I'm really happy there is another store that I can go to for plus size clothing because there is such a limited amount of stores that you can choose from. So I'm always glad to add new stores to my list! :) 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Curves Around the World: Floral

Hello Lovelies!!! It's that time again for another "Curves Around the World" post!!! 
So this weeks theme is totally different from last weeks theme and it's "Floral," personally I love floral but it's really hard to find cute floral designs. Well for me anyways I can't really find a lot of floral prints that I like. But I've been loving the trend, I hope I find a really great vintage looking floral print sometime in the future. But for now I decided to do a simple floral print that I have in my closet.
So I don't know about you but I'm ready for fall because I'm tired of this warm weather plus fall is one of my favorite times of the year because I love how it cools down but it isn't too cold. So in honor of fall coming I decided to do a fall floral look instead of a bright summery one. I used this floral dress that I got a while ago from H&M and I really love it because the floral print isn't huge but it's small with lots of neutral colors. 
{dress|H&M} {top|Old Navy} {shoes|Call it Spring} {bag & necklace|Philippines} {belt|from shorts got at Target}
I decided to pair the dress with a Chambray shirt, which is a great to throw on when the weather starts to get cooler. You know I've wanted a chambray top for so long but I had such a hard time finding one that fit because I have broad shoulders from swimming so whenever I tried shirts on I it would always be too tight around my shoulder and arm area. But finally I found one that fit from Old Navy, I love that store for basics because they have a great range of sizes and they have great prices. I believe I got this shirt for less then $10, I love a great deal! 
So I've always worn this dress as a tunic over jeans or tights because I was always self conscious of just wearing it as a dress and I'm not going to lie, I'm wearing shorts under. But I would have never worn it like this, but ever since I started this blog and reading more body positive blogs I have gained a lot more confidence in myself. I feel like I can challenge myself in wearing new things or trying new ways to wear something now because I am more confident. It just takes one step at a time but once you start to love and accept yourself, you'll feel much better in anything you wear because you wont care what anyone thinks. So I challenge you to wear something you would have never worn because you didn't feel you could and tell yourself, "I look beautiful!" I think that helps a lot when you tell yourself positive things and think positive. I have told myself negative things so much before but I decided to be more positive and it's helped me so much and I find myself much happier too! 

So if you haven't told yourself today, let me tell you "You are beautiful!!!" 
{picture credit from here}

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BTW if your from another part of the world that isn't represented above and would like to join our "Curves Around the World" group feel free to contact any one of us! :) 

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pinay Curvies...Pinay Style Idol

Hello Lovelies!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far.

Well I was asked to join the Pinay Curvies blog link up again this month and I was happy to do it. The theme for this months link up is pinoy style icon and let me tell you, I have a lot of them. So this theme was really hard for me to choose because I adore so many pinay's and there styles from Celebrities to bloggers to Stylists. But I decided to choose the one that I admire the most at the moment. And it's...
Ms. Anne Curtis
{Photo credits to Anne's Instagram}
"I like black dresses. I like black jumpsuits. I love white, white shirts kasi ang linis!" - Anne Curtis (credit here)

Anne Curtis is a Pinay-Australian actress, tv-host, model and singer. I chose her as my pinay style idol because at the moment she is the one person that I really admire for her style, plus she has an amazing personality that you can see as she host the daily variety show "It's Showtime". I like watching the show "It's Showtime," where she is a host just to see what she's wearing that day. I like how her style can be very casual and then she can be super glamorous at the same time. I love how she sings even though she isn't the greatest singer but she sings anyways and that just shows how confident she is. She's even had her own concerts which were her dream and she worked hard for it to become reality and I think that is just amazing. She can act crazy and silly not care what others think about her, I wish I could be like that. I hope one day to have the same confidence as her because I can't even sing Karaoke in front of people because I feel too self-conscious but I'm learning to be more confident in myself and I think her confidence inspires me to be the same as well. That's why she's not only someone that inspires me through her fashion but she also inspires me as a person!
{photo Credit from Del Monte Facebook}
I chose this outfit because I do have similar pieces but I also really like how it's cute, casual and yet trendy all in the same time. Of coarse my outfit isn't exactly the same. I decided to do black and white because of the quote above Anne like's black and white and I like wearing black and white. 
{shorts|Fashion Q} {top & shoes|Old Navy}
So here is the outfit I came up with and I think it's pretty similar. You can't really see the details of the top but it has a similar detail as the one she's wearing, the only thing is it doesn't have a collar. I only have two pair of wedges and since she's wearing wedges in the pictures. I'm also wearing similar lace shorts, I got these shorts a little white ago. I really wanted these shorts from forever 21+ but they were sold out, but I found them at a store that I go to that has plus sizes. I was really excited when I saw them, the original ones I wanted were a nude brown color but they only had black and white at the store, so I got the black one because who doesn't like black! 

Who's style do you Idolize? 

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Curves Around the World: Rock chic

Hello Lovelies!!! I hope your all doing well and having a fabulous week so far. Well it's that time again for another "Curves Around the World" post and it's our #13th theme already. It's seems like just yesterday I we started doing these themes, I am so happy doing them and working with the awesome ladies from around the world. It's great seeing how different we all take the themes and each week they continue to inspire me in so many ways. 
So this week's theme is "Rock Chic" and I don't think I dress this way but I have to say there are parts of me that love the Rocker look. The staple of a lot of Rock looks I see, is the Leather Jacket. I love leather jackets and for the fall and winter it's my favorite piece to wear with my outfits. I think a leather jacket gives any outfit a little edge. So of coarse when I found out the theme was "Rock Chic" I knew I had to wear one. 
So the leather jacket that I'm wearing is new I bought it last week because Forever 21+ has a great deal on these jackets for only $18! I know finding a faux leather jacket my size is really hard and not to mention it can be very expensive. I own one that is several years old and it's starting to tear, so I was on the look out for a new one. So when I found out about the great deal I knew I had to get one before they sold out and unfortunately the black one is sold out online already. But they still have a burgundy one in stock online you can check it out (here), I'm actually debating if I want to get the burgundy one as well because it's such a great deal. You can also check your local forever 21 to see if they still have them in stock because I know at mine there were a lot of them when I went to the store. Oh by the way I think they run a little small because I'm usually a 1X in Forever 21+ but it was really tight on my arms and it didn't close so I got a 2X and it fit perfectly. 
{Jacket & Skirt| Forever 21+} {top|Old Navy} {boots|Target} {earrings|Forever 21}
So I wanted to keep my outfit really simple because I picture a rocker girl in simple basic clothes with leather and studs. I really wanted to wear a studded belt but I don't own one but I think that would have really put the outfit together. But I have the leather from the Jacket and the studs from my boots. I think it came out really well even though I went really simple with the outfit. By the way I had the jacket off in the second picture because it was so hot I was sweating so much because it was in the high 90's here in California. But hey you gotta do what you gotta do and I don't think my outfit wouldn't have been complete without the Jacket. 
So that's my Rock Chic look! What do you think about Rock Chic? Is it a style you wear? What do you think of when you hear Rock Chic? 

Well now that you've seen my Rock look be sure to stop by the other wonderful ladies from "Curves Around the World" and check out how they pulled of the theme! 

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Curves Around the World: Red

Hey Lovelies! I hope your doing a wonderful, it's that time again for another "Curves Around the World" theme. This weeks theme is a very simple "Red!" Which seems to be a very popular theme for a lot of bloggers this week because as I was doing my rounds and reading different blogs, their are a lot of bloggers that posted "Red" looks this week! So what a great coincidence that our theme is "Red!" 
So with the theme being "Red" I thought it would be easy for me because it's one of my favorite colors. But when I looked at my clothes, I noticed I didn't own very much clothes that were red, I had a lot of red accents on my clothes but not really a whole piece that was red. But as I looked through my closet I found a pair of red jeans that I got from Forever 21+ awhile ago, that have never been worn. I got these pair of jeans on sale and I think they were only $6 and for jeans that's a deal I couldn't pass up. But I've never worn them before because red is such a bright color and it really makes you stand out. Don't get me wrong I love bright colors but for some reason these pair of red jeans scared me. So this theme was perfect for me to challenge myself to wear them. 
{top&jeans|Forever 21+} {vest|Old Navy} {shoes|mom's closet}
So this is the outcome of the outfit, I went casual with the red jeans because I wore them to a friends birthday party which was very casual. I wanted the rest of the outfit to be more neutral because the red is so bright and the main focus of the outfit. That's why  I matched it with a black shirt from Forever 21+ that I absolutely love and I wear it a lot, and I'm actually surprised I've never worn it on the blog before. I didn't like it with just the black top so I wore an old vest that I own to break up the black a little bit. 
My friend took my pictures for me and this shot was a random one of me when I was trying to hide from the sun, but I thought it came out cute so I decided to put it in the blog. hehe As you can see the statement earrings theme seems to have inspired me to wear different earrings other then my regular hoops that I wear constantly. I didn't really get a shot of my earrings but I like that I am pushing myself to wear more things that I own that I don't usually wear because like the earrings and the jeans. 
Here's a closer shot of my jeans, I like how my friend took this photo the color of the grass next to my jeans looks pretty cool. But yeah in the picture you can tell it's not a solid red but like strands of red through the jeans and sometimes in certain lights they even look pink. But I think it's pretty cool and I like them because there a little different and I'm happy I decided to wear them for this weeks theme. I'm sure I'll wear them a lot more for fall/winter! 

What do you think of the color red? Is it something you wear a lot?

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Have a wonderful week! ~Nina~
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shopping Clearance Sales + Mini Haul

Hello Lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! I don't know about you but I'm ready for fall/winter already but I think it's because it's my favorite time of the year because I love to wear layers, scarves and hats. 

So, have any of you been to the mall recently? There are so many sales going on, I don't know about you but I love great deals! But shopping these clearances can be overwhelming especially seeing all the racks of different clothes. I know a lot of people who hate digging through the racks of clothes and they rather buy thing at regular price but I think of it as a treasure hunt because you never know the gems you can find. I know when I am looking through all these different clothes, I might go overboard and start getting everything that is my size. But when picking the clothes I am going to purchase I always keep in mind a few things so I don't buy everything that fits. Here are a few things you might think of when you shop sales as well. 

1. What are the current trends because if the clothes are something outdated later on your not going to want to wear it. I've done this before in the past and those pieces of clothing end up going to the goodwill because I end up not wearing them. 

2. What season is it going to be, I know there are so many summer clothes on sale right now but the reality is that fall is just around the corner so some of those super bright sleeveless tops wouldn't be practical to buy because I wont be using them for that long. 

3. Does the piece go with your wardrobe? Because really if you get this awesome piece on sale but it doesn't go with other pieces in your wardrobe then you don't really need it. 

4. Look for classics - I say these because if you can find things that will always be in trend like a little black dress, a nice coat or some great basics like tanks for layering. If you get find these things they could be things you could wear for a long time or wear often. 

5. Just like this sign says "Grab it, tomorrow it might be gone forever" My mom always says this to me because if I like something I always say I'll get it next time and when it's next time it's gone already. So if you like something get it and don't wait till next time. Remember shopping sales are like a treasure hunt so if you find a gem, you never know when someone will grab it from you. 

If you keep some of those in mind you will find some great things. So now onto my haul.  

So Forever 21 had a sale for an extra 30% off sale items and they a had a rack of Forever 21+ clothes and I was super excited because I love Forever 21+. So I had to keep in mind the rules above because there were so many bright colored sleeveless tanks that I was so tempted to buy but I'm really glad with the two items I got. 
This first item is a long sleeve shirt that's black and white with studs on the collar. I got this because I know it will be a great item for fall/winter because it's still on trend and the long sleeves with be great for the cooler weather. The price of this was $16.99 minus the 30% so I got it for $11.99 which I think is pretty good for a long sleeve top. 
This next item is a red faux leather skirt and I know leather is a great staple for fall and I'm loving how it's red. I know in the picture it's a little wrinkled,I just need to steam out the wrinkles and it's good to go. This skirt was $9.99 minus the extra 30% off it came out to $6.99 great deal for a faux leather skirt.
 These boots above are from Target, I've been wanting a pair of new ankle boots and when I saw these on sale I knew I had to get them and I would be able to wear them during the fall with tights and skirts. Plus I love how it has stud on them, a great trend that was on the runway for fall. These were $17.95 and I wanted to wait till they got cheaper but my mom said these were the only size so I might as well just get them now. 
Lastly these gold tip shoes were on clearance for 50% off at a store called "Call it Spring" and I was just in Forever 21 looking at shoes were exactly the same that were on display but were twice the price. So I thought it was a great deal for $15 from the original $30. 

Do you like Shopping Sales? If you do what are some of your tips or secrets to shopping sales? 

Have a wonderful weekend! 
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Curves Around the World: Statement Earrings

Hello Lovelies! It's been really been a long and hectic month for me so I'm really glad July is over. Hello August, I can't wait to see what you have for me this month! :)
Well it's that time of the week again for another "Curves Around the World" post and this weeks theme is "Statement Earrings!" If you've been a reader of my blog you know I don't wear different earrings much, I really like wearing hoops. I think I just got in the habit of wearing them all the time in college that it's carried on till now. I love earrings and I have a few to choose from, but I always go for my trusty hoops. So this challenge was really taking me out of my comfort zone.

When I think of "Statement Earrings" I always think of fancy earrings that you wear with a nice outfit. I have a lot of those earrings and I don't wear them much because I don't dress fancy very much. So I decided to go for something different a "Statement Earrings" with a very casual outfit. 
{top&sandals| Old Navy} {skirt|Fashion Q} {Jacket| Forever 21+} 
So this actually happens to be my very first Maxi skirt, I've been loving the maxi dress that I have and I have been wearing it a lot this summer. So when I found this Maxi skirt I knew I wanted to get it and I've worn this skirt a few times already and it's so comfy. But the thing is it's really long on me. I know you can't tell from the picture that the skirt is really long, but I actually folded it and it's tucked into my bra! But hey it works right and it's a perfect length now. 
{Earrings | H&M} 
So onto the statement earrings, here is a side view of me wearing these really unique earrings. I really like this pair of earrings because I've always wanted to pierce my helix but I just never got it for different reasons. But that's why I like these earrings because it has a little cuff for you to put on your helix and it looks like it's pierced. How fun is that? 
Here is a closer look of the earring, I have one on both ears and I think there just really fun. Plus I like how they take my casual day outfit to a more funky vibe with the earrings. 

How do you wear your favorite statement earrings? 

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Have a wonderful week! ~Nina~
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