Monday, April 22, 2013

Festival style

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This weekend was like the start of summer here in California, it was in the 80's but it felt like it was in the 90's. It was really hot, I wasn't prepared for it. But yeah I decided to put together a festival style look. I actually wore this out that day, minus the flower crown though. Sorry the pictures are very bright and their are shadows on my face, it was a very bright day. 

I decided to wear a white flowy top because it was so hot outside and I wanted to stay away from the darker colors. Plus when I saw pictures of festival wear online there were a lot of white flowy outfits. I paired it with plain jean shorts because I think the more simple the better. I didn't want to get too crazy with the outfit because I was going to wear it for the rest of the day. I also wore a light flowy cardigan, just to cover my arms, I'm not comfortable showing my arms yet but i figured it was OK as long as it was a light and I rolled up the sleeves. 

 {Top | Target} {Shorts & Cardigan | Old Navy} {shoes | LoveD} {necklace | gift} 
{bracelet | market in the Philippines} {flower crown | DIY} 

How do you think I did with the look? Is it believable for festival style? 

"Remember even though the outside world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you." ~Anna Lee~

Have a wonderful day ~Nina~ 


  1. Very cute! I totally get the festive style with the crown! did you make that yourself? :D

    1. Thanks, yeah I made it from an old Lei that I had. :)

  2. Cute casual look! Love the floral crown!



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