Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favorites

Hey Everyone, it's Friday again and I decided to do Friday favorites again. 

So for some reason I'm really liking those fake flower crowns that I've been seeing on pinterest and different websites. I don't think I could really pull it off for just going out but there's something about wearing a flowers in your hair and I think its because of Spring and when you think of Spring you think flowers. Well below is a flower headband from forever 21 you can get it (Here), I think this is a little bit more wearable then the flower crown. Below is also a picture of me this past Halloween where I wore like a flower crown because I was a fairy. :)  What do you think about flower crowns? 

So I don't know about you but when the weather gets hotter I love lemonade and tea, so when you put them together it's a super favorite. This green tea version of an Arnold Palmer is rediscovered favorite of this week. I used to love this drink and would buy it at the 99 cent store all the time. But then they stopped selling them and recently I was at the store and I found it and I bought a few and have been drinking them all week! :) I really like this version because it's a little bitter because of the green tea and I like to make it sour by adding fresh squeezed lemons in it. What's your go to drink when the weather warms up? 

So this is my favorite quote right now, I saw it on pinterest, and because sometimes I can be very negative about myself and this quote helps to remind me that I should be more positive. 

So I don't know if any of you have seen this Gwiyomi video, it's a Korean song about being cute and has little hand gestures to the words of the song. I've been obsessed with these videos ever since I saw the first video a friend posted in the beginning of this week. I don't know why, it's just so cute and I know if I had a youtube channel I would totally do a video of this. Have any of you seen videos to this song, It's like the harlem shake video but for girls. hehe 

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ~Nina~


  1. I have yet to get any flower headbands, but they are super cute! And I'm kind of wanting one.

    1. I agree they are super cute, and I'm wanting one too. I just don't know when i would wear it though! hehe :)

  2. I plan on wearing a floral crown/wreath for my wedding. I think they are really pretty with the right look.


    1. Yeah i agree it depends on the look and i think floral crowns would look great for a wedding. :)


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