Thursday, April 4, 2013

Break the Rules

Hello Everyone! So I was on pinterest (I love pinterest) and I saw something from about breaking the rules and wearing crop tops. I totally agree with this. I actually made this post about how I would wear a bandeau because I saw one on Forever 21+ website but they recently sold out and it is no longer on the website. But since I saw this on pinterest I decided to post it anyways. I really believe that women of all sizes can wear anything they want as long as they have confidence in what they are wearing and they feel great in it. Who cares what other people say or think. But of coarse I know there are women who might not feel comfortable in a crop top and I think that's fine, I'm just saying if you want to wear one and your comfortable then do it. 

I know personally, I've never been comfortable in wearing a bikini or a cropped top. But I feel like it's because I always felt that it was frowned upon just like wearing horizontal stripes, shorts and all the other things your not suppose to wear because your plus-sized. But I've come to realize that you can wear those things as long as feel comfortable in it and you love yourself not to care what others think. I don't think I'm comfortable enough to wear a bikini or a two piece yet but that's why I really want to try this trend, I think it's a step for me to be like "hey I'm beautiful and I love my body and I don't care what society says!" 

How I would wear a Bandeau

How I would wear a Bandeau by curvy-mod featuring h&m jackets

The bandeau that is in the picture is from Forever 21+ and I was so happy they made one for plus-size women because I've seen bandeau's in a lot of stores but never one that fit me. So when I saw it on the F21+ website I was excited because I think you can wear them in numerous ways. I really hope they make more and in different styles. So these are just a few ways I would wear a bandeau which is technically a short tube top or tube bikini top. But these different ways can also go great with a crop top as well. 

1. I think it would look great under a blazer, ala Nadia Aboulhosn. I can picture her wearing it this way or I'm pretty sure she has already worn something similar to this. This is just a classier way to wear a bandeau or crop top and you can adjust how much you want to be seen by buttoning up your blazer or leaving it open. 

2. For a more sporty look or toned down look, you can pair it with a one of those tank tops that are cut widely on the sides. I think this would look great going to the beach or a nice day out. I personally have a few tank tops like this and I usually just wear it with my bra showing, but i think a bandeau is a much nicer way to wear it. :) 

3. Lastly, I think this is the easiest way to wear a bandeau or a crop top is with something that is high waisted, a skirt or some jeans would really look great. I like this way a lot and this is the way I've seen a lot of plus-size women wear cropped tops and look awesome. 

I hoped I helped some of you in maybe trying this trend out. I know if I find a cute crop top or i'm able to find this bandeau in a forever 21+ near me I will try it out and show you all how I wear it. 

"Her life improved dramatically when she decided to break the rules and find beauty where she was told there was none."

Have a wonderful day ~ Nina ~


  1. I love this new crop top trend! I have some misgivings about wearing it myself, but I recently ordered a skirt and bralette style top from Target that I could wear together (so that it looks like a dress) or pull apart to show a little skin.

    I plan on giving it a try soon!


  2. I know exactly what your talking about, I was thinking of buying the same thing but I wasn't sure about the fitting so i wanted to try them on in store but haven't found my size. But I look forward to seeing you wear it, let me know how well there sizing is, I might get the bralette. :)


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