Wednesday, April 3, 2013

LA day

Hey everyone! So I had a little trip to LA with some of my friends recently, it was nice to go to LA because I haven't been there in awhile. I went with a friend that had to do something there, so we made it a little LA day with friends. 

Our first stop was the Grove, This is where all my pictures where taken because it was such a nice day. Thank you to my friends that took my pictures, I'm really thankful that they are so supportive of me doing this blog. On another note this picture to the right was taken of me next to the trolley that goes around the Grove. It was stopped to pick up some passengers and my friends that it would be nice for me to take pictures in front of it. I was hesitant but they convinced me to do it and we had to do it fast because they were almost done loading all the passengers. Here is one of the pictures we took and although I liked the others I think this was the best one that was taken. I especially like how you can see my necklace, I just got it recently. It was from the swap-meet and I know not a lot of people don't think of shopping at swap-meets but I think they are great places to find unique and cheap things. I think of them as smaller versions of flea markets. 

{tank & sweater: Old Navy} {skirt: made it} {shoes: LoveD} {necklace:swapmeet} {tights:target}

It was a really nice day in LA, the sun was shining but it was a little bit chilly because the wind was blowing. I'm glad I wore some tights, although I'm not sure about the color of tights I chose they helped keep me warm.

Here's a picture of me and my friends, they are the ones that helped me take the pictures. Thanks for your help girls! :) Right behind us they had picture taking with the Easter bunny and we really wanted to take some but the line was so long that we decided not to. 

We ended our LA day trying a place called MILK there known for there macron ice cream sandwiches. But by the time we got there they were almost all out of the sandwiches so my friends opted for ice cream but since I really wanted to try what they are known for I got the coffee toffee ice cream sandwich and let me tell you it was pretty yummy! :) 

Have a wonderful day ~ Nina ~


  1. You look so cute! You're glowing! :)

    1. Thanks, but i think it might be the sun shining on my face though! hehe :)

  2. Love your skirt! Looks like you had a great time!



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