Monday, March 2, 2015

Curves Around the World: About Me

Hello my wonderful Friends!!!
So today I'm happy to say we are re-launching "Curves Around the World!" We took a little break but were back with some new bloggers and we have some great themes we are going to be posting in the future. Today our theme is "about me" and it's a great way re-introduce all the members of the group as well as the new ones.

(Jeans & top-Forever 21+) (Shoes-Ross) (Bag & necklace - were presents)
So the outfit I chose for today's post are all of my current favorites from my closet. The jeans, the boots, the top, the bag and the necklace I'm wearing are my favorites right now. So I figure wearing all my favorites shows to you my style. 

1. How would you describe your personal style?
I like to think of my style as feminine, classic and versatile. I like being girly and feminine and have lots of classic black and white pieces. But I also changing things up and stepping out of my comfort zone and trying different styles.
2. What do you want your style to communicate about who you are, what you value, and how you approach life?
I like to think of myself as young at heart and I like to experiment with my style by having fun with what I wear and let how I feel show through what I’m wearing.
(The evolution of looks from my blog, from when I started till a more current look) 
3. Why did you begin fashion blogging and what is your mission as a blogger moving forward? How have you evolved through the experience? What has blogging taught you?

So I started fashion blogging because I really love fashion and I used to blog in 2010 but stopped because I moved to the Philippines. So when I moved back home I really missed blogging and a lot of my friends encouraged me to start up back again. It has been a great outlet for me to just express myself in a creative way.

I really hope that I can inspire people to be more confident in themselves or to love themselves more or even to try something different. As a blogger I think you always hope that you can help someone in some way.

Since I started blogging I have learned to be a lot more confident in myself which has also influenced my style as well. Being more confident has allowed me to try styles that I wouldn't normally try.

I've learned a lot from blogging, one is to not care what people think, starting a blog I knew I was putting myself out there but I didn’t realize how the mean comments would make me feel. At first I took a lot of it personal and it made me really upset. But I’ve learned to not let them get to me anymore, there will always be someone who won’t agree with you or what you do but it shouldn't affect you. Blogging has really opened my eyes to new things that have helped learn more about fashion and other aspects like beauty as well. 
Thanks for reading everyone! Now don't forget to check out the other girls and the links below.

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. I loved reading this, Nina! I think it's great that you picked your three current favorites and brought them together for this outfit. I think it's captures your fresh, fun style really well. I really admire your reflective posts and how you share your insecurities and moves to overcome them. It's inspiring. Blogging can be great for building self-esteem and growing your confidence, despite the nasty comments. I love that you're choosing to ignore them and just do you. I think that's a great lesson you've learned. It's something I'm trying to live by as well.

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, I think blogging has helped me so much in trying to be a better me and a happier me as well a strong me and I think that's why I keep doing it because I'm still growing and learning from it. :)

  2. For what it's worth, your posts are inspiring to some of us (like me). Others may rip into you with their nasty comments, but I think those of us that appreciate you outnumber them easily :) . Your style is clean and usually quite cute, well put together. I have to say I'm very happy to see you feature denim in your post, too! ;)

    1. Thanks Ais, yes I know you are right I only get nasty comment here and there and my good one's always greater and make me happy, thanks for the kind words. :)

  3. LOVING the polka dots. they're so cute!

  4. you have a beautiful smile, love it Nina!!! your style is fun, classy and girly and has grown to more polished ever since knowing you... you are so inspirational and matured I loved that about you...yes, polka dots look amazing on you and that all white outfit-I want to steal :)

    1. Awe thanks Thulie that is so nice and I'm so happy to hear you see how i've changed and matured, sometimes I don't see it myself. :)

  5. Cute outfit, Nina!! I love the polka dot top, and I've been loving boyfriend jeans lately!!

    I really agree with everything you said here. Blogging makes us vulnerable to others' opinions, but ultimately, what we are doing is often very uplifting to others who get inspired by our willingness to put ourselves out there or even our willingness to try a new look. Great job on this post and your blog in general! <3


  6. I loved reading this Nina. You are so inspiring and always put together a killer outfit.


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