Monday, March 9, 2015

Curves Around the World: Oldie but Goodie

Hello Beauties!!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, it's Monday and that mean "Curves Around the World!" Today's theme is "Oldie but goodie" and to me that means a piece of clothing that's older but it's still a great piece. 
So for my oldie item I chose my polka dot skirt because I have had it for a few years and have worn it so many times but till now it's still a great piece in my closet. This item has actually been on my blog a few times already but I think it's a piece that wont ever get old. Polka dots are something that are timeless and can be something that is always on style. 
(Top:H&M) (Skirt:Target) (Vest:Ross) (Shoes:Burlington Coat Factory)
To try to add another level to the outfit I added the faux fur vest for texture to the outfit. It's a neutral color that I can use to add texture to a lot of outfits. But to tie in the skirt I wore a similar color boots to tie them to the outfit. 
If you look at my other posts of me wearing this skirt it's a lot longer but I decided to roll it up and make it shorter. I just felt like having the skirt shorter and rolling it up is something I do with a lot of my skater skirts if I want them shorter. 
Don't mind my dog Mocha, she wanted to sit next to me when I was taking pictures.
Thanks for reading! What is something from your close that's an "Oldie but goodie?" Don't forget to check out the other gorgeous ladies! 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. the pink skirt is so cute i love it. Im in love with pola dots <3

  2. such an adorable duo! hello mocha! <3 you guys are so lucky to be a in country where wearin faux fur vest is okay. i'll prolly die from heat if i try to do that here hehe.

    1. I think when I lived in the philippines that was the thing I missed was wearing winter clothes. Even though California doesn't get that cold we can still wear some things like a vest. But I think you might be able to pull one off if your indoors in the Philippines! :)

  3. I agree that polka dots are classic because they look vintage and fresh at the same time. They'll always be playful and cutesy. I love the print and texture mixing with the brushstroke top and fur vest. The print on your top almost looks like a creative interpretation of polka dots!

    <3 Liz

    1. Yes I totally agree about polka dots and I think the same thing about my top too!

  4. I love the print mixing and added depth and texture created with the addition of the fur vest!! Very cute, and so is Mocha ;)

  5. Cute outfit, Nina! I would never have thought to pair these pieces, but they look great together! I use the same trick for skirts sometimes! It's a great option to make a piece more versatile!


    1. Thanks Cassie and yeah the trick works really well especially when you are shorter because skirts are usually longer on me.

  6. Dots are so classic you are right! I love all of the textures and patterns in this outfit. I can't seem to put outs it's together like this. I seem to keep things very simple. You really suit this style.

    1. Thanks so much Kate and yes dots are so classic.


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