Friday, June 27, 2014

Curves Around the World: Retro

Hello Loves!
So this "Curves Around the World" post is very late, so sorry but it's been a crazy week for me and I know I have so many blogs I need to catch up on but I'm going to try to do it this weekend. But as for this week's post the theme is "Retro" now I was lost on what to do because I didn't know what to do. But I hope the outfit I came up with translated the theme well. 
So like I said I wasn't sure what to put together, when I thought of outfits I kind of thought of my denim on denim outfit because someone mentioned that it reminded them of Rosie the Riveter type style. So I kind of tried to go that route without wearing the same exact outfit as I did before. 
{Top: Old Navy} {Jeans: Forever 21+} {Shoes & Headband: Forever 21}
So I wanted to wear high waist-ed jeans but I don't own any but I figure this pair was good enough. I wore a plain white top that is tied in front and accessorized with some pumps and a bow headband. How do you think I did with the theme? 
To be honest I wasn't that happy with my pictures and I wasn't going to post for this week. But I really didn't want to let my girls down, so I decided to just post the pictures anyways. I think all bloggers have those pictures where you don't really like how they come out. Do you have those pictures? What do you do with them, do you post them? 
So that's my blog for today, I know it's a short one, so sorry. But I promise next weeks theme is a good one and a very personal one. But yeah, Thank you for reading! 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. The tied top works good on you as well as the bow. You should do that more often. I like it!

    1. Thanks Jenn, Actually I wear my hair like that a lot since I cut it, it's my favorite accessory for my hair right now. :)

  2. i like the pics tho :) thought they were cute and very greece lighting. PS. i esp love the headband

    1. Awe thanks Shayne, I like the headband the best too! :)

  3. Your last pic is adorable! You're so 50's chic here! :-)

    I know the feeling about pics that don't turn out the way you want. Sometimes I post anyway, sometimes I scrap, sometimes I re-take pics, and sometimes I include one or two decent ones in my "Honorable Mentions" posts.


    1. Thanks Cassie, I think the last one is my favorite pictures of the bunch. Yeah that's why I like your honorable mentions because I have a lot that don't make it and sometimes I retake but recently I haven't had time.

  4. Awwwww you look sooooo cute!!!!!! I love this look on you! Your hair looks super duper awesome!! I really love the style you have done this week.

  5. Love this and it is Retro! Theres kind of a Grease theme going on especially with the head band. very cute!:)

    Lou. xx


    1. Thanks Lou, that's kind of what I was going for so I'm glad you were able to see it! :)

  6. hey Nina!! Love the shirt!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some love!! I am now following your through GFC to keep in touch with your updates!


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