Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts Review

Hey friends!!!
So I took a little break because I felt like I needed one. But I'm back and have a few posts planned out for you all coming up. So I don't know about you but summer is in full effect here in California and it's hot. In the summer I love to wear dresses but the one thing that I hate is the chafing, and summer is definitely chaffing season. So when Sonsee contacted me to try out their anti chafing shorts, I thought it would be a perfect time to try them out.

So chafing or I call it chub rub can be so painful, I usually do two things usually I put deodorant or monistat on and that helps for awhile but it wears off and i usually have to reapply which can be a pain sometimes. So when when I heard about the anti chafing shorts I thought they could be a great alternative. But I was a little skeptical because when it's hot outside the last thing I want to do is put on another pair of clothing. But I thought why not try it because it could be a great alternative. 
So if you've never heard of Sonsee before they are a hosiery brand that caters to plus size customers or they like to call them Sonsee-size! I've tried a pair of sonsee tights (here) and they are the most comfortable tights I own. So I knew that these chafing shorts would be comfortable as well. 

Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts come in 2 colors black and nude and they claim to be...
  • Super lightweight and breathable - perfect for the hot sticky days 
  • Smoothing - not shape wear, comfortable to wear all day
  • Total seamless construction - no seams digging in or showing through
  • Seamless waistband & leg bands -  holds shorts in place without digging in
  • Reinforced Inner thigh 
So I tried the anti chafing shorts a few times on different days while doing different things because I really wanted to see how they would work each time. I wore them one day doing errands, one day to the mall and another when I went out with friends. When you put them on they aren't tight like shape wear but the feel like when you wear tights, and you can feel them of coarse but after awhile of wearing them I forgot I even had them on. I was surprised how comfortable I felt with them on and no chafing at all happened while wearing them. Another thing I noticed is that the chafing shorts had no sign of wear in the thigh area and I wore them a few times so I was impressed with the fabric they used.  
So when I tried the anti chafing shorts I wore them with skirts and dresses and they worked great! But I tried to wear it with shorts because I get chafing when I wear shorts as well but they didn't work with the shorts because they were visible in shorts which is the only thing I didn't like about them. But then again I wear shorter shorts so that might be the reason, see picture above. 

Now their sizing is a little different they use words like gorgeous and flawless instead of sizes, you can check out how they label their sizes in the graph below. They carry US sizes 10 - 24 and I wear a Flawless 14-16. 
So in conclusion would I recommend Sonsee anti chafing shorts, yes definitely! They sell them online through amazon now (here) which makes it easier for anyone to get a pair. But you can also check out the Sonsee website to see everything that they offer. 

What do you do for chafing? 

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day! 

XOXO - Nina
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*I received this product complimentary but all opinions are mine.*

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