Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lets talk about Sonsee...

Hello Gorgeous Friends!
So today I'm giving you my review on the Sonsee tights, I received a few months ago. I know it's been awhile but I wanted to wear them a few times before I actually gave the review. Now I love wearing tights but finding one's that fit me have always been really hard. You see when I was going to school in the Philippines, I had to wear tight everyday as part of my uniform. Now I went to school 6 days a week and pretty much wearing tights for 10 to 12 a day. I could never find tights that fit properly I had to buy pairs every other month. It was so bad that I had to ask my mom to send me tights from the states. But even the tights my mom sent me didn't last long because I was wearing them for long days. So you can say I've worn my share of tights in the past. But yeah lets talk about Sonsee. 
So Sonsee is a hosiery brand made by Australian designers and they use Italian materials to create their tights. They use 3D & 360 elastane stretch technology to keep the tights from sagging or creating what we call a muffin top. The tights also have an anti-roll waistband that allows you to wear them how you want, high or low on the waist. They also have extra reinforcement at the thighs for better durability. 
The sizing offer a wide range of sizes. They range from US 10 - 22 and they have great names for their sizing as well. I'm a size Flawless, when I received my tights they said Flawless 18-20 and I thought they had given me the wrong size until I looked online and saw that it was the Australian sizing on the package. I'm 5'2 and they aren't long where I have to tuck the extra length at the bottom of my shoes or have bunches you can see on my legs. So I say that's a plus because they aren't height specific like some of the other tights I've worn before. 
Now they offer a variety of different type of tights and different colors. Their full tights vary from sheer 20 denier which are the most transparent and show the most skin, to opaque 60 denier which I am wearing are less transparent but still allow you to show some skin, to opaque 100 denier which have total leg coverage. They also offer footless tights in opaque 100 denier. The color that I'm wearing is forest in the opaque 60 denier, I love how they opaque but still a little bit of sheer to show some leg. 
Now one of my favorite things about the tights are that they have a tag in the back. Now that might be a big thing but I've always had the problem figuring out which way is the front and which is the back when I wear tights because they don't have a tag or anything to indicate the front and back. So having a tag in the back makes it easy for me to know which way to put on the tights. 
(Jacket & Dress - Old Navy) (Shoes - Philippines) (Tights - Sonsee)
One of the biggest problems I usually have with tights are at the thigh area because yes my thighs rub and it usually causes them to create those little lint balls that are so very uncomfortable before they rip into wholes. Now I've worn this pair of tights quite a few times already and I see no signs of the lint balls or tearing in that area, they are still in the same position as when I got them. Actually after washing them a few times they still look new.  
I would definitely recommend these to anyone that is plus size or what they call Sonsee-sized. The tights are great quality, they are very durable and comfortable. They have a great range of sizes and colors, if you want to check them out you can click here.

**Disclaimer: Sonsee sent me the item above free of charge for this review, but the opinions expressed are my honest assessment of my experience.**
Thanks for reading!
Do you wear tights? What are some of the problems you have when looking for tights? Where do you light to buy tights? 

XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. Looks really comfy! I want to wear tights but the season here in Ph not bearable to wear one.. ;) Thanks love for the recent visit. ;)

    Cassie Thriftier

    1. Thanks my dear and I think you can wear tights, I had to wear tights with my uniform in the PH, you kind of just get used to them! :)

  2. Love the color you chose, and tights are an easy way to add a little color to your neutrals. They look great with the white and khaki!! I haven't tried Sonsee before, but you make me want to give them a go!!

    By the way, you look gorgeous in these photos!! Your skin is glowing! :-)


    1. Thanks Cassie and yes they are a great way to add color, which I'm happy with because I have lots of basics. And yeah you should check them out they are so comfy. :)

  3. I have never tried Sonsee before. I will be looking them up for sure! This outfit is totally cute too.

    Designing From My Closet

    1. Thanks Janeane, you should they are so comfortable, I'm loving my pair. :)

  4. I really appreciated this review, Nina. I have a terrible time with tights. Catherines is my current favorite for tights. I used to buy from Lane Bryant, but they've started running super tight in the thighs, and I keep snagging and tearing them. I've also accepted that I can only wear tights about 5 times before getting a run, though I've snagged plenty on the first wear. It's infuriating! I'm pleased to hear that your Sonsee tights are holding up well and have reinforcement in the thighs. I love Catherines for my basics, but I like that Sonsee comes in a wider variety of colors. I also appreciate the explanation of the different denier levels, as I never quite understood that.

    <3 Liz

    1. No problem Liz, I'm happy you got a lot of information about them. I too have had those same problems and haven't had them with this pair still. So you should definitely look into Sonsee.

  5. Sweetie you look amazing in those tights


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