Tuesday, July 26, 2016

EyeBuyDirect.com Review

Hello Beauties!!!
I hope your all doing well, Summer has been so crazy for me but I'm enjoying it. I hope your all enjoying your summer or whatever season your in. As for me I got my eyes checked recently and they increased a lot and I usually just get contacts because glasses can be so expensive. I haven't gotten new glasses for almost 6 years and my eyes have changed so much I needed new ones. So I researched different places online and I decided to go with eyebuydirect.com because they had cute glasses but also were affordable. Continue reading to see my review of the website. 
So first of all I want to say that I bought these glasses with my own money and I was not sponsored by this website. I just wanted to share my experience with the website, so that if you were thinking of getting new glasses you might want to try it out. 

Now when I went on the website I looked at all the frames and I narrowed it down to a few of my favorites. They have something on the website where you can upload a picture and see how you look with the glasses on. I did it below with my top 3 pairs of glasses, after trying them on virtually I was undecided between the first two glasses but I decided on the first ones! 
Now after selecting the frames you click on select lenses and then you put in your prescription. After I put in my prescription, it told me the frames I selected were not compatible with my prescription. I was pretty sad because I was so set on the lenses, so then I chose my second pair and again it wasn't compatible with my prescription. So since I had a 3rd favorite I decided to check after feeling upset with the first two not working but the 3rd one actually worked thankfully. So I was glad at least one of frames worked with my prescription.
So after choosing my frames and putting in my prescription it's time to chose your lenses. Now I read a few reviews and I also watched a couple of them on youtube as well, so I knew they had $7 lenses and a $30 one. So when I went to chose the type of lenses they only let me choose the $40.95 which is the second most expensive type of lenses. I was pretty upset about this because it didn't let me chose and I had to get the certain one. I understand that I do have a high prescription but the recommendation for that particular lens was for someone with a higher prescription then I had. The recommended lenses for me were the $30 ones but I wasn't able to chose it, so that made me upset. 

I really needed glasses so I just got them and they came out to around $70 dollars because I got a case as well, which is really cheap compared to how much I used to pay for glasses. I ordered the glasses on July 7th and I received a confirmation as well as an email saying they were picking out my frames. After that I was expecting to get more emails letting me know when they were sending them, so I was surprised when they showed up in the mail on July 14th one week after ordering it. 
So after everything I'm actually really happy with the glasses. I'm more of a contact wearing girl because I've been wearing them since high school but I'm really liking my glasses so I might be wearing these more often. I was impressed I actually bought my mom a pair as well. I got her one as an extra pair because she only needs reading glasses, so she got the cheapest frames and the cheapest lenses and they look and work great for her, I think I only spent $12 plus shipping. So I would definitely recommend the website for a pair of glasses that are cheaper then buying from the eye doctor. But if you do have a higher prescription know that your frames will be limited and you will have to pay more for the lenses.   
Do you wear glasses? Have you every bought glasses online? Where? 
Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day! 
XOXO - Nina
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