Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY: Front tie T-shirt

Hello Lovelies!!!
It's February, the year is already going by so fast! But yes today's post is a little different it's a DIY post. I'm trying them out, please let me know what you think, I love to hear your feedback. So this DIY is to make a front tie shirt out of a t-shirt because I'm not a big t-shirt person so this is a little way to make it fit my personality more. 
So last year my uncle passed away and he was a huge Lakers fan. When he passed away his wife gave us a bunch of his old clothes to send to the Philippines and my mom told me if I wanted to grab a shirt if I wanted something to remind me of him and of coarse I wanted one. This Lakers shirt was on top of the pile of clothes and I knew it was the one I wanted because I'm a huge Laker fan myself. On top of that I promised myself if I go to a game this year I want to bring my uncle with me in spirit to see the Lakers with Kobe one last time. So yeah that's why I chose to wear the shirt but it wasn't something I would wear so I decided to cut it up to fit my style more.
So what you need is basically the shirt you want to cut up and a pair of scissors that cut well. I recommend that the shirt be a little loose on you because it might not work if it's really tight. 
So the first thing that I do is I cut the collar off, I like to fold the shirt long ways so that it cuts more even. I like to follow the seam of the collar in the back and when I get to the front I like to make a little V to create a more v-neck in the front. 
Next I like to cut the sleeves off and I usually just follow the seam as well and sometimes I cut a little but more inside the seam if the shoulders are long on me. 
Next I like to fold the shirt long ways so that side seams are in the middle to help guide me while I cut out the next parts. First I measured how long I want the shirt to be in the back and I used as the first line and then the middle seam is the end of the rectangle. So for the back of the shirt you cut out a rectangle like you see in the photo above. 
Now for the front part of the shirt I cut a diagonal line starting from the inside going down to the front of the shirt. The piece you cut off will look like a triangle. 
Now cut a line in between the triangle you just created, this will be the part of the shirt that you tie in front. 
Now this is the final product, it's kind of a cropped version of the shirt with a tie front. 
Thank you so much for reading! How did my DIY post go? Do you watch basketball? Who's your favorite team? :) 

XOXO - Nina
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