Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I got the "Blues!"

Hello Gorgeous people!!!
So I put this outfit together thinking that my top was the right blue for the pantone color serenity but when I edited the pictures I realized it's too light and more of a pastel blue compared to serenity. So it leaves me feeling "blue" about my outfit but I liked how it came out so I'm sharing it with you! 
So when I was thinking of how I wanted to put the outfit together I was picturing shades of blue which is how I came up with this outfit. When I put outfits together I usually have some kind of inspiration and my inspiration was actually the wall I'm next to. I take pictures by this wall a lot for my blog and I just like how their is a light and dark blue and that's kind of what I wanted to do with this outfit. 
I really love this white jean jacket but it hasn't gotten so much wear because I do love a regular jean jacket. So when I was going through my closet I thought maybe this will work and I'm glad because I really love the look of the white with the blues. 
[Jean Jacket:GAP] [Top & Skirt:Old Navy] [Shoes:Burlington Coat Factory] [Necklace:Swapmeet]
Since one of my goals was to wear more color on the blog I think I'm going to push myself to wear the pantone colors for spring. I think that's a good way for me to integrate more color into what I normally wear. I might not have the right shades of the color like today's post but I think it's still a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone. 
How do you like to integrate color into your outfits? I need some suggestions! What colors are you looking forward to wearing this spring? 
Thanks for reading I really appreciate it! I hope you have a great day!

XOXO - Nina
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  1. Love the blue Nina, and the statement necklace really sets it off :) Aye, how do I incorporate color? Well, pretty much every which way. Monochrome, color blocking, and classic pairings. I take inspiration from everything around me, nature/textiles/food/ and the list goes on - XO

    1. Thanks Joi! Thanks for the advice, I definitely look to you when I think of color because you are so great at wearing it!

  2. This is adorable! And even if the color isn't exact, it definitely nods to Serenity Blue and still shows you're experimenting with color! I love how the necklace ties it all together. This outfit has me looking forward to styling my own white denim jacket this spring. I know that Janeane and I are both following the Pantone colors and sharing them on our blogs too, so hopefully we'll all give each other some fresh color inspiration!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz and yes even though it isn't the right color I think it's still a great outfit and gives nods to the color. Yes I think the pantone colors are helping me get out of my comfort zone of black and white!

  3. This color looks so good on you! I have already gotten four items in a similar tone over the past several months I love it so much. I never thought I was a pastel kinda girl. And I totally agree with you about the white denim jacket. They are wonderful additions and this layer makes this outfit fantastic. Good for you wanting to add more color to your wardrobe, although you do have a way of making a black & white look so on point.


    1. Thanks Janeane, I think color is growing on me but of coarse I still love my black and white! :)


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