Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall look inspired by Scream Queens!

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I know it's been awhile since I last posted but I've been going through a lot of personal things that have kept me from posting. I know I've said I'm back a few times but things keep happening, so this time I wont say it. But yeah it's Fall and their is one thing that I love more then fall fashion and that's fall television. I'm talking Empire, How to get away with Murder, The Walking Dead and so many more shows. But I also get excited for new ones as well and one of the shows I've been excited about is "Scream Queens," because the cast looks great and I love the outfits that I see on the show. I love the preppy and girly style that I see the characters wearing which brings us to today's post, continue to see which character and outfit I was inspired by.
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The Inspiration...
So this outfit worn by Emma Robert's character Chanel in the first episode inspired my look for today's post. When I watching the premier this outfit just stood out to me because it's preppy and girly at the same time and it would be a great outfit for fall. I haven't really been to inspired by clothes from television characters since Gossip Girl, so I was excited that I got inspired by watching the show. I think I needed a little inspiration for the blog. 
The Blouse...
First, I really loved the pussy bow blouse that she is wearing in the outfit. I actually bought two different ones from the Styled by Reah Pop Up that I went to at the beginning of the month. This top is one that I bought from Allison from CurvygirlChic and I love it because it's a short sleeve version because it's so hot in California I can wear this now when it's still hot and later when it cools down.
The Vest...
So instead of a faux fur coat, I went with a vest because a coat would be really hot right now and also I don't own one. I also went with neutral colors because they are more my style and a little easier to wear out. The faux fur really gives the look another texture to the outfit which is why I really like wearing them to give another dimension to my outfits. 
The Skirt...
The skirt that Emma's character is wearing is an asymmetrical skirt and I thought my envelop skort would be a great substitute for the skirt. Oh let me tell you I got this skort on sale for $3 dollars, I really can't resist a good deal. 
[Top:ASOS] [Vest:Ebay] [Skirt:Gap] [Shoes:Target]
So I decided to skip the knee high socks because it's hot and I went with a heeled mary jane type shoe. I figured a mary jane type show would still go with the preppy and girly vibe of the outfit. I wanted to add some color to the outfit and shoes are a great way to do that. I didn't go with a bright color but a more neutral color so that it goes with the rest of the outfit. 
Are you into fall television? If you are what shows are you looking forward to? If your not what are you excited about for fall? 
Thank you for reading! 

XOXO - Nina
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  1. What a fun theme for this post! I'm so glad you pulled fashion inspiration from this show, and Emma Roberts looks like she'll be dishing up some fabulous fashion on the show! I love all of the special touches in this look and all of the luxurious fabrics. The pussy bow blouse is adorable. I definitely have one on my wishlist for fall. I think you're channeling the Chanel vibe beautifully!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks so much Liz, yes Emma Roberts has great fashion on the show. I adore pussy bow blouses right now. :)


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