Wednesday, September 9, 2015

From Day to Night

Hey Lovelies!!!
I hope everyone is having a great day, we are having a heat wave in California and I am definitely feeling it, it was 107 degrees today! I know that's pretty hot but it's good I was indoors most of the time. But yeah about this post, I went to the plus bus in July and I've been wanting to show off something I got from it. I decided to chose a black skirt I picked up because it's a perfect item to transition from day to night. 
So the plus-bus was created by Jen Wilder and Marcy Guevara and their goal was to outfit plus size women around the nation. The concept is to swap clothes that you don't want anymore and buy new things. They also carry online brands which allow you to get familiar with them in person. They have been at the Pasadena swap meet every month for the past few months. I thought it sounded interesting so I went back in July to check it out for myself. I brought a few things to swap and I was able to pick up two things also. The way it works is they give you a value for the clothes you brought and then you can use that credit for the clothes that you purchased. They also have some clothes from online brands like SWAK which you can purchase but can not use your credits for. I was able to find two things and because of my credit I actually ended up only paying $1. 
So one item that I found was this black draped skirt. You can't really see in the picture but it's shorter on one side and then it drapes on the other side. I thought it was a really fun skirt and would be able to wear for day and night which is why I decided to show you a day to night outfit.  
The skirt is from FTF or Fashion to Figure an online brand that I am not to familiar with so I thought it was great to be able to try something from them in person. 
I decided to pair the skirt with a plain white tee because I feel like it's one item that you should definitely have in your wardrobe and wear it so many ways. I wanted something casual I could wear that was simple because it's been so hot recently in California. 
I wore this outfit out to do errands this past weekend, so I paired the outfit with some slip on chucks or converse which are my favorite to wear when I want to be comfy or if I know I'm going to walk a lot. 
[Top:Forever 21+] [Skirt:FTF via Plus bus] [Shoes:Converse]
So for my night outfit, all I did was change my accessories. I think accessories can be an easy way to transition your outfit from day to night especially when you don't have time to change your whole outfit. 
My night outfit is something I would wear to get drinks with my friends. To my accessories I added more bling to the outfit with a statement necklace and a clutch. I also added some animal print flats that I got from Vegas a few weeks ago for only $5. Sometimes you get some great deals when your not planning on shopping.   
Do you transition outfits from day to night? What are some ways you like transitioning your outfit? 
Thank you for reading! 

~ Nina ~
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  1. Love it Nina- simply classic! And that skirt looks great on you ;)

  2. I love this skirt, Nina! I haven't tried Fashion To Figure yet myself. The day time look is so cute and easy. And I love your transition into evening with some simple accessory changes. Great looks!


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