Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Recap of the Styled by Reah Pop up!

Hello Friends & Hello September!!!
This past weekend I was able to attend the Styled by Reah Pop up with so many bloggers I admire and I thought it would be great to share it with you all. I was so happy they had an event in Los Angeles because usually they have these events in New York or places I can't go to. So when I found out it was going to be close enough for me to go, I knew I had to go. 
So I attended the event with one of my blogger friends Janeane from "Designing from my Closet" and it was the first time for us to meet and it was great meeting someone you've been working with online in person. She is the sweetest person and we were both so excited for the event. 
The event was such a great turnout, they had a line outside when we arrived and it seemed like so many people were excited to be there. They had some desserts and some cold beverages for everyone, it was a pretty warm day in Los Angeles. 
The event had bloggers selling clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. They had so many things to look at. When I got inside I was overwhelmed with everything and I didn't know what to do first. It was a little hard getting through the crowds to see everyone's clothes at first but it got a easier I think once everyone settled in.
They had a lot of stuff other then clothes and I regret not looking at the other things. I was so focused on the clothes and meeting the bloggers I forgot to look at the accessories and the shoes. But I wasn't trying to buy a lot of stuff though because I'm broke! hehe But I did get a few I items I'll show later. 
Janeane looking through I believe it was Reah's things.

I was really excited to meet a lot of the bloggers I have been following for so long. They all were so nice and it's just nice to meet the person behind the screen. I've met Reah before at another event she hosted and she's so nice. It was my first time meeting Nicolette Mason, I absolutely adore her and her style. 
I was actually really scared to meet Gabi because she was the first blogger I ever followed and her booth was so crowded. I went over to her booth a few times but was too shy to ask for a picture and a little overwhelmed to get through to crowd to look through her clothes. But Janeane kind of helped me go and take a picture with her and go and look through her clothes. 
The first place I actually looked through the clothes was Allison's and I actually bought 2 things there. I love her style and have been following her for awhile as well, that's why I was excited to look at the clothes she brought. 
These are the three items I purchased. When I was looking through the clothes I knew I wanted to look for tops because it's something that's lacking in my closet. The first top is from Gabi and it blush pick and I thought it was super cute.
These are the two things I picked up from Allison's section of the event. I really love the dress and I thought it would fit me fine but unfortunately it's too big. I have to figure out what to do with it but I love the color and the style of it. The top fits great and it's super cute, what got me are the buttons on the back! (I didn't get a picture of it) 
The first 50 people received a gift bag and this is what was in it. I don't really want to go through everything was in there because there was quite a few but they had some great things.
Lastly my outfit of the day, sorry some of the pictures in the post were taken on my phone but I wanted to share all the pictures I had with you all. Thanks for reading! 
XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. Oh no I didn't see you there! I would of loved to have met you in person :(
    It really was a great pop up!

  2. This looks so fun! I'm so jealous you got to go. The fashion blogging community is growing here in Nashville, but there's not much of a plus community. I'm so happy for you and Janeane that you got to do this and meet one another. And I adore the creamy pastel pieces you picked up. The lavender dress is a dream! I hope you find a way to make it work. Thanks for sharing these photos. That tassel backdrop is so whimsical and cute. It looks like a total blast!

    <3 Liz


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