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Curves Around the World: Christmas outfits

Hello Gorgeous Friends!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed there Holidays this past week, I enjoyed it very much which is why I didn't post last week. I decided to take the time and just spend time with my family and friends. But I'm back with what I wore for Christmas.
So I usually have two different outfits that I wear for Christmas because I wear one to my family Christmas party and one that I wear to Church. I decided to share both of my outfits, last year I showed both of my outfits too. 
So every year my mom makes me something to wear for our family Christmas party. It started when I was a few years ago, I don't really remember when but I know it started because I couldn't find something I liked to wear in my size. I would usually wear jeans and a top because before it was hard to find bigger size clothes. I remember the days I would try on all the stretchy clothes just to see which ones would fit and usually it would be a black top. So my mom started sewing me outfits for Christmas so I would have something nice to wear. 
Image from (here)
So I got inspiration from the skirt above, I wanted to wear something plaid and I wanted it to be a little different. So I know my skirt doesn't really look like the one above because I wanted the slit on the side instead of the middle and I didn't like the buttons and it's not high low. Actually the skirt is high waisted and I was originally going to wear a cropped top with my skirt but since I was wearing it at night I opted for something warmer. 
Here's a closer look of the skirt, I can actually move the slit a bit more and I think I did after I took my photos unfortunately. But I was happy with what my mom came up with, I with the material was more stretchy but she said this was the only fabric she could find, that's why she had to make it not as tight as the picture. 
(Top-Old Navy) (Necklace-H&M) (Heels-Forever 21) (Skirt-Mom made)  
So recently I was on buzzfeed you can check it out (here) but it was styling tips for women under 5'4. They featured one of my photo's for one of the tips. And from the list I learned to match my tights with my shoes to make my legs look longer and that's why I decided to wear black tights and heels. What do think of this tip? Do my legs look longer? hehe 
The next day I just went to Church with my parents and then we just spend the rest of the day at home and watched basketball all day. I bought this dress awhile back and have been waiting for an occasion to wear it and since it was in the 80's on Christmas day here in California I thought this would be a great time to wear it. 
Here's a closer picture of the lace on my dress, this is the reason why I fell in love with this dress. The dress is an off white cream color and the details of the lace just make stand out to me. 
(Dress & Jacket - Forever 21+) (shoes - Forever 21)
What do you usually wear for Christmas? What did you wear this year? How was your Christmas, I'd love to hear all about it just comment below and let me know. 
Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays from Mocha and Me! Don't forget to check out the other ladies at the links below! :)

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. Love the first outfit! That skirt looks awesome on you!
    Happy New Year!!
    Claudia X

    1. Thank you, I love the first outfit too! :)

  2. That is so awesome that your mom is so talented on the sewing machine. She did an amazing job! I love both looks. I actually wore two things Christmas Day but they were not as dressy. Jeans & a cute sweater for me so I could sit on the ground and play with family doggies!


    1. Thanks, I'm happy I have my mom to sew, I want to learn myself though. But yeah that sounds really cute, after church I changed into my PJ's and were in the rest of the day, it's all about being comfy!

  3. loved what you wore!! wish i had a sew-er in the family!

    1. Thanks Elle, yeah it's great having my mom being able to sew. :)

  4. Always so jealous that you have someone who can sew for you!! That plaid skirt is awesome!! Also, congratulations on being included in the tips for petites piece!! How exciting!


    1. Thanks Cassie and yeah I know I'm pretty lucky but I'm hoping to learn myself this year. :)

  5. Congrats on your Buzzfeed feature! I'm exactly 5'4", so I'm right on the edge of petite and regular heights. It makes pant and midi skirt shopping a real pain. I actually try the black tights and black shoes trick quite often. And the longer the midi skirt, the higher my heels!

    Your look with the plaid skirt is just so gorgeous. It would have been the perfect outfit for my Swedish Christmas party! I think it's so special that your mom makes you a Christmas item each year. You must really cherish those pieces - they're made with such love. I think you look classic, traditional, and oh-so festive.

    Thank you so much for including the close up shot of your white dress. It's hard to see that gorgeous embroidery on your full-length shots. So pretty and romantic! I love little touches like that. Subtle but memorable!

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! You certainly celebrated in style! I totally want to replicate your plaid skirt look now...

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks so much Liz, I totally feel you on shopping for pants and midi skirts. And I'm glad you liked my outfits and I had a great Christmas, I hope you had a great one too! :)

  6. I'm super jealous that you have someone to make you clothes! You look fabulous. I really love the first outfit. The inspiration outfit is pretty awesome too.

    1. Thanks girl, yeah I'm so thankful I have my mom here for me, especially when I was growing up and couldn't find clothes. :)


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