Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brighten up a gray day

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great week so far! The weather here in California has been overcast and raining. Oh this weird weather. But on the bright side cooler weather means I get to wear some of my warmer clothing again. I love layering and to be honest I love cold weather more then I like hot weather because I don't like the feeling of being hot. But don't get me wrong I like when the weather is warm just not scorching hot but it gets like that in California. So I'm glad that we get this little break from the scorching hot weather. 

I love the earrings that I'm wearing, they're like long chains and I got them from forever 21 and I feel kinda rock and roll in them. I'm a very girly girl but I love to add little touches that make me less girly. At the same time I don't like being too dark you can say, that's why I decided to wear this mint colored sweater with all the dark colors that I was wearing.  

 {top | H&M} {sweater | Old Navy} {Leggings | Target} {Boots | swap meet} {earrings | Forever 21} 

I love these boots that I'm wearing too because they lace up. I'm the kind of person that has a hard time finding boots because I have big calves. So finding a pair of boots that fit over my calves is really hard, that's why I really like these boots because they are lace up you can adjust them to fit. So I suggest if you are like me and have a hard time finding boots that fit your calves you should try some lace up boots. :) 

Lastly a picture with my doggy Mocha because she loves to come out when I'm taking pictures. 

Have a wonderful day ~ Nina ~ 

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  1. You look really pretty. It wasn't a great day weather wise here today either!


  2. Very sweet look. Those chain earrings are too cool!

  3. Looking very cute!! And looooove ur dog!! <3

  4. Great look! I have the same problem with boots - lace-up boots are a great option. Those earrings are fabulous!!!!


  5. what a cute dog! :D nice style too!

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  6. love the earrings and the boots. I just wish i can use those boots here in phil.:)

    1. Thanks and you can wear them but it will be so hot in them in the Philippines. I wore boots when I lived in the philippines, but with shorts or a skirt to balance it out a little bit. You can always try it. :)


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