Monday, May 9, 2016

Pinafore by Mom!

Hello Hello!
I hope everyone is doing well! So today's post is from an outfit I wore this past weekend when I went to my friends graduation lunch which turned into a proposal. I'm so happy for her they are such a great couple. But yeah my outfit was actually made by my mom and if you have been following my blog you know I wear clothes my mom makes for me from time to time and this was something new she just made.
So when I was in high school and college I could never really find clothes that fit me and I usually would just wear just jeans and t-shirts because it was just easy. So when I was in high school my mom took a class to learn how to make patterns because she felt bad when we would go shopping and I could never find anything. From then on she started making me clothes, she doesn't know how to make crazy complicated things but she can make skirts like nothing. Which is why I have a closet full of skirts and a little obsession with them. 
A few weeks ago I went shopping with my mom, it's our favorite thing to do together, and it was one of those shopping trips where I could not find anything I liked that fit me. I remember being in forever 21 and really loving the suede pinafore's that they had and saying I wish they had these in plus size, I say that a lot. And I guess my mom found some suede like material and she made me one and she gave it to me this past weekend and I couldn't wait to wear it. Now that I think of it I probably should have waited and worn it for mother's day but I was excited so I wore it the day she gave it to me. If your reading this mom thank you so much, I really love it! :) 
If your wondering what a pinafore is it's a sleeveless garment worn like an apron, the difference between a pinafore and a jumper is that the back is open. 
[Shirt:Forever 21+] [Pinafore:Made by Mom] [Boots:Wet seal+]
I hope you all had a great Mother's day with you mom or with your children. Do you have a favorite memory of your mom? 
Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day! 

XOXO - Nina
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