Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Western Nostalgia Collection from Yours Clothing

Hey Friends!!!
So today I'm back with another blog collaboration with some of my blogger friends and were working with Yours Clothing. Were focusing one of their collections Western Nostalgia, which they describe as all shades of denim along with fringe and tassels, paisley and tile prints, lace-ups and crochet that all come together to create an effortless boho vibe. Boho has been a big trend for awhile and this collections focuses on the seventies influence. We all have different styles so it's really fun to see what we all came up with. 
So the outfit I came up with is totally out of my comfort zone. I've been wanting to try the wide leg pant trend so when I saw that they had a pair in denim, I knew it was what I wanted to try because it was so different for me. I also fell in love the top I picked because when I saw it was shown off the shoulders this is another trend I've been really wanting to try also. So my whole look was something new for me and totally out of my comfort zone. 
First off the pants, I was really hesitant to get this style of pants because it's something I would have wanted to try on first before I got them because the style is so different then anything I own. Unfortunately they didn't fit me very well, I got a pair of skinny jeans from Yours Clothing in a 16 and they fit me perfectly, so I decided to size down to a 14 because they have elastic at the waist. The pants are really high waisted so they actually fit around my bra area which is really weir fit, so I had to lower it down but it caused the pants to have a saggy crotch area, so I tried my best to make them work. They were extremely long on me so my mom had to cut a few inches off and sew it for me. I really wanted these pants to work but for me they unfortunately didn't but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you, I just wanted to honest and share how they fit on me. 
Now this top is the opposite of the pants it fit great and is very comfortable to wear. Now I when I wore the top it was really hard for me to keep the shoulders down but I found a video from Refinery29 (here) that gave a tip how to keep the shoulders of your top down. In video it shows you that you can use two hair ties and 4 safety pins that they put in the inside of the shirt and your suppose to have these hair ties under your armpit areas. Now when I first tried this I could not fit my arms through the holes because I'm plus sized and in the video they are not. But I was able to solve this by placing the hair ties and safety pins lower on my told so my arms go through and it was much more comfortable for me. So if you want to keep those tops down, I definitely recommend watching the video and adjusting it for your own comfort because it really does help keep them down.  
[Top:Yours Clothing] [Jeans:Yours Clothing] [Necklace:DIY] [Shoes:borrowed from Mom]
So I've been lusting over the bolo style ribbon necklaces but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off because I got that double chin. But since I was already going out of my comfort zone for this outfit I thought why not try it with this outfit because it kind of fit the western nostalgia vibe. But I couldn't find the necklace anywhere so I decided to make my own, I went to Michaels and bought some faux sued string and boom I got the necklace. I need to go back and get some beads to put at the end of the string because they necklace was moving when I was wearing, as you can see in the pictures it kind of shifted to the side. 
I'm really glad I tried this trend out, the pants might not have worked for me this time but I will be looking out for another pair to try the trend out again. I'm glad I was able to try the off the shoulder top too because I really liked it and I will probably try it again. This is why I love blogging because it helps me step out of my comfort zone and whether or not it works for me I'm glad I tried it.
Is their a trend or piece you always wanted to try, what is it?
The other bloggers came up with some great outfits, so don't forget to check out their blogs and to give them some love!
XOXO - Nina
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*I recieved these products complimentary but all opinions are mine.*


  1. Hey, Nina! I'm sorry the pants didn't work out for you. If they had been the right size and length, they would be super cute on you. I am glad you tried something out of your comfort zone and hope you continue to look for a wide leg pant you love.
    I do love the top and that color on you though. It looks really cute! And thanks for the link to the tutorial for keeping the sleeves down. I have a couple tops I can try that technique on because sleeves never stay down on me.
    I also really love the shoes and bracelet combo with this look. It is fun and classy but still really simple and not fussy. Love!

    1. Thanks so much Hailey, I appreciate everything you said. Let me know how the tip works for you on those tops.

  2. I also spied this top and thought it was super cute. The terra cotta color is really earthy and pretty and looks great with your skin. I also have trouble with off-the-shoulder tops sliding up, and I've seen the tutorial video you're talking about. I haven't tried it yet, but now I'll apply your tips because I'm sure I'll have the same issue.

    It's a bummer the pants didn't work out, but the best way to learn about a new style is to try it for yourself. So I appreciate you sharing! Your review will probably help a lot of readers with similar bodies who have also been considering this style pant. After seeing them on you, I wonder if they're better suited to taller, straighter frames and long, long legs. It's a bummer because they're cute, and you definitely did a nice job of styling them and making them work as best you could.

    And I think I've seen you do this ribbon tie before right? But maybe over a white collared blouse? I think it's the perfect accessory and really completes this look. Very 70s romance!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, yes I love the top and if you try the tip I would love to hear how it goes for you. I definitely agree that the best way to learn about a new style is to try it and I hope it helps someone. The ribbon bow i did with a collard blouse is a little different because this is more of a necklace type.


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