Saturday, January 2, 2016

Better Late then Never...Christmas Outfit!

Happy New Year Friends!!!
Can you believe it's 2016 already? The Holiday's were so crazy for me that I didn't have time to post my Christmas outfit and I figure why not post it now because it's better late then never! 
So if you have been following my blog, you know that every Christmas my mom makes me something to wear and usually it means a skirt. This year was no exception and my mom made me a plaid asymmetrical skirt and I think it because the skirt she made for me last year didn't really come out right, so I think she wanted to try again. I absolutely love this skirt she made me and I'm sure I'll be wearing it again on the blog again.
A little closer look at the skirt my mom made. I actually picked up this fabric a few years back but my mom never made anything with it, so I kind of fell in love with it again when I saw it. I mean look at the material it's pretty much black and white with a hint of red, which is very me. I've always loved asymmetrical skirts and I recently saw Taylor Swift wearing a plaid asymmetrical skirt and I think I mentioned to my mom that I liked her outfit, which is why she thought to make this. When I saw the original skirt it didn't have the buttons but my mom asked if she should put them or not and I thought they were a cute little accent. What do you think? Do you like with or without the buttons? 
[Skirt:Made by Mom] [Top:Forever 21+] [Tights:Old Navy] [Boots:Ross]
So a little heads up, I took these pictures right after my our family Christmas party so I might look a bit tired and we have some open gifts in the back.
So I went the preppy route when styling the skirt, I went with a plain white button up and a dark red ribbon. I honestly wanted a bigger ribbon but I didn't have one so I figure this would work because it kind of matches with the red on the skirt. 
So guess what? I didn't have black tights, I know that's crazy and for some reason I only have colored tights. I was so busy during the week I didn't even check so you can imagine I was really worried the day of but I went with this dark red pair and I think that it looks well with the outfit. Where do you buy tights? I need some new black ones! hehe 
How was your Christmas? What did you wear? 
Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a great year ahead!
XOXO - Nina
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