Monday, June 22, 2015

Curves Around the World: Thrifted

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Monday and you know what that means, Curves Around the world! Today's theme is "thrifted" and when I was in college I thrifted a lot but I haven't gone in a really long time. But thrift shopping is something I do enjoy when I have time. 
The last time I went thrift shopping I realized how hard it is to find things in my size. When I was in college I used to go thrift shopping in LA a lot but this past year I went back again and I couldn't find anything that fit me. That's when I realized why I didn't thrift shop anymore because it can be really hard to find things. 
One of the last trips that I made thrift shopping I found this shirt that I'm wearing. I really loved the pleats and how it was double breasted but the thing is when you button it up the pleats get deformed. So the plan was I was going to get it altered but I haven't gotten to it. So I like wearing the shirt open over tanks, it gives it kind of a jacket or sweater vibe. 
Now a lot of the clothes that I thrifted back in college don't fit me anymore or I've given them away. But one thing that I still had in my closet from way back in college is this gray coach bag. One of my favorite LA thrift stores or consignment stores is called Buffalo Exchange and this is where I got this bag. 
[Shirt:Thrifted] [Tank:Wet Seal+] [Shoes:Ross]
I originally got it for myself but currently it was in my moms closet because she uses it but it's OK because my mom and I usually borrow each others stuff. 
[Skort:Cotton On] [Necklace:RocksBox]
So the skort, skirt plus shorts, I'm wearing is an example of something that I thought wouldn't fit but when I tried it on I was surprised it fit. I don't normally shop at cotton on but I was there with my cousin and she saw this skort and told me it was too big for her and asked if I fit and XL. I told her that it depends on the item and that I didn't think it would fit me. But she made me try it on and I was surprised that it fit and she even bought it for me too. So the moral of the story is always try it on and not to be intimidated by the size you never know if it will fit or not. 
The rule to trying thing on works when you are thrifting as well because there have been so many occasions where I thought something might be too big or too small because of the size but when I tried it on it actually fit. 
Do you like thrifting? What is one of your favorite items from thrifting? 
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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. You try silhouettes that I would never think to put together. The short skort with the long jacket creates a long line but feels youthful, funky, and hip. The all-white is so crisp and perfect for summer, too. I share your thrifting frustrations, but it's been years since I've thrifted for clothes. I need to give it another go, only try on items I love right off the rack, and only purchase if it's a perfect fit. If I go in without expecting to find something, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and actually find something. Reverse psychology, right?

    And what an awesome score with that Coach bag. It's a classic! I love the mini top-handle style!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, I like trying to find different thing and I try to challenge myself and it surprises me when I find that something works. I think reverse psychology might work, I think I need to try that myself. :)

  2. I haven't been thrifting in a long time, but it's always amazing to see the treasures other people find! I really thought that shirt was a jacket at first, and I love how it has a little bit of an 80s feel. The black and white combo is always perfect!!


    1. I know some people find the best things but it's hard to do it sometimes. But yeah thanks a bunch, I was trying to get the shirt to look like a jacket type. :)


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