Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Curves Around the World: Ahoy, Sailor!

Hey Beauties!!!
So I'm still catching up with past theme from "Curves Around the World," and this theme is "Ahoy, Sailor." Now when I saw this theme I wasn't sure how to put an outfit together without seeming like a costume. So I started thinking of colors that go with the theme red, white and blue and that's how I put my outfit together. 
So when I think of colors red, white and blue, I'm usually thinking of 4th of July but they also happen to be the same colors that I think of when I think of sailors. I tried to put together an outfit that doesn't scream sailor and doesn't seem too much like 4th of July either. How do you think I did? 
So recently we emptied out pool and I thought it would be such a fun place to take pictures. I like how they came out so I might take more pictures in the pool while it's empty. I have to take a advantage of this new place to take pictures while I can. 
{skirt & jacket:Forever 21+} {tank:Old Navy} {shoes:Call it Spring} 
So my outfit isn't very fall, but I'm really enjoying the outfit I put together. Since it's still hot here in California I feel like it's OK to not wear fall clothes yet. But it doesn't mean that I'm dreaming of the scarves, hats and the boots. It also doesn't mean that I'm sneaking in some trends even though the weather is still warmer. Actually this outfit does have one fall trend blue, I believe navy blue, cobalt and even pastel blue is a fall trend for this year. What do you think of the color blue for fall? 
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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. I love these classic colors together, and IMO you don't look sailorish or like a 4th of July look ;) Well done Nina!

    1. Thanks Joi, I'm glad it doesnt looks sailorish or 4th of july! :)

  2. I love sailor style. Its so clean crisp and chic!

  3. Without even seeing your title, I instantly felt like this was a nautical look. What's funny is that it didn't really register as being red, white, and blue until you pointed that out. When I posted my 4th of July look earlier this summer, I talked about my same hesitation to wear the color combination. I'm always worried that it'll turn costume-y or corny. The look I put together made me a little more confident about the color combination, and your look here makes me even more confident to pair red, white, and blue outside of Independence Day. The red and blue you use here are really vibrant and pack a fun punch. It's such a refreshing outfit!

    <3 Liz

    1. Awe thanks Liz, I'm happy you are inspired to try the colors too. I'm glad that it came out as nautical and not 4th of july! :)

  4. I used to dislike wearing red, white, and blue together because I didn't want to walk around looking like the American flag, but in recent years, I'm really loving it. It's just a classic color combination that looks great in a variety of styles. You nailed the nautical theme without taking it to a costume place. You look wonderful!


    1. I felt the same way Cassie but I think after this outfit I'm really liking the color combination together and I totally agree it's just a classic combination of colors that look good together. :)


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