Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Curves Around the World: Feminine meets Masculine

Hey Everyone!
Yay my post is on time this week, and I feel like I'm back on track with the blog. So it's "Curves Around the World" time again and this week's theme is about mixing Feminine and Masculine into one. I love the idea of mixing the two together because it's girly but also gives makes you look stronger as well.
So this fall/winter a big trend is Men's inspired and when I think of that I think of masculine I think of a men's suit. But since we are mixing both masculine and feminine together I decided to take the suit idea and make it more my own because I don't really wear suits. The only thing that I own that could be part of a suit is my boyfriend blazer but to be honest it was really hot when I took the photos, so I only took a few with it on my shoulders. 
{Skirt & Blazer - Forever 21+} {Top - H&M} {shoes - Forever 21}
The first thing I thought of when I was thinking what to wear was the skirt. I just got it a little white ago on clearance and I loved the built in suspenders. I used to own suspenders but I never wore them and I lost theme somewhere in my closet. So when I saw this skirt I loved how they were built in so that you couldn't loose them plus there a lot thicker then the one's that you buy. 
I didn't want to wear your normal white collard shirt with the skirt but since the skirt is black and white I really wanted to wear it with a royal blue. I don't actually own a royal blue top so I'm actually wearing a bodycon dress as the top and I'm really happy how it came out. 
Thanks for reading! Now what do you think of about mixing feminine and masculine styles? How would you pull of this look? 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. I think I'm gonna try this.. ang ganda sayo.. ;) Love it super!

    Cassie Thriftier

  2. Luv the suspenders with the stripe skirt!

  3. looking sassy Nina...I love the evolution of your style: great stuff!!!

    1. Awe thanks Thulie, I know my style has evolved a bit since I started! :)

  4. This blue is a great colour on you. Blue now always makes me think of the Duchess of Cambridge. I love how she has taken blue - pretty much all shades of it but especially royal and navy blue - and made it her personal statement colour to match Diana's ring.

    In case I have not already left a comment, this is just a quick note to say hi. I visited your blog during the month of August and I liked what I saw, so I've added you to my feedreader and am following your blog. :)


    1. Oh wow thank you so much. Yeah I'm really loving the color blue and it's a great color for fall as well. :)

  5. Wow great outfit Nina!! love so much the skirt!

  6. I'm always a huge fan of mixing masculine and feminine elements in an outfit. This is a cute look, and I love how you used a body con dress as a top!!


    1. Thanks Cassie, I'm starting to become a fan myself. :)

  7. What a fun theme for this week! The suspenders are the perfect masculine touch, and I like that a blazer can go either way - feminine or masculine. This is such a creative take on the theme, and it's simultaneously fierce and fun.

    <3 Liz

  8. I love your suspenders, and its black and white, ganda lang, it fits you right!

    Visit my blog:


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