Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Curves Around the World: One Dress Three Ways

Hello my Dears!!! 
I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far! It's hard to believe it's already December and Christmas and the New Year are around the corner! 
Well it's the middle of the week, you know what that means? "Curves Around the World" post and this weeks challenge is one of my favorites 1 dress 3 ways! I really like this challenge because if your like me and on a budget being able to wear one piece several different ways can expand your wardrobe. Plus I find it fun styling one piece in different ways and I know this challenge is for 3 different ways but I think I could style it a lot more other ways too. 
1st Outfit
{dress-H&M}  {top-Old Navy}  {boots-Ross}
This first outfit is something I would wear to go out with friends. If it was colder I would wear this with tights or leggings with the outfit. And I know I wore these boots and this top in my last post and a few other times but I'm really liking these two pieces a lot right now.  
2nd Outfit
{Jacket - Forever 21+} {boots - Target} 
This next outfit is a more dressed up look with the faux leather jacket and the ankle booties and I added a statement necklace. I think this my favorite way to wear this dress, I used to wear this dress a lot when I used to go out. 
3rd Outfit
{jacket-Forever 21+}  {jeans-Target}  {shoes-H&M} 
The last outfit of my 3 looks is converting the dress into a shirt by tucking it into my jeans. This outfit is a very casual look that I would wear to go get coffee with my friends or something very low key. 

So those are my 3 looks and I think the key to being able to wear things in different ways are basics because with basics you can always dress it up or down. So do you think of my 3 looks? Which one is your favorite? 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. I've loved seeing how the different CATW girls have styled their dresses three ways, and you are no exception here! When I restyle a dress again and again, I feel like it always looks girly and twee no matter what I pair with it. But your three looks here shift from country western, to edgy rocker, to fresh and preppy. Such versatility! I think it's because you pair the dress in unexpected ways that I wouldn't necessarily think to do. Also, you're starting with a basic dress, which I think gives you a lot more styling options. A lot of my dresses are printed, but I have an LBD and a light pink dress that I think I could try these ideas out with!


    1. Thanks I think this was one of my favorite challenges! I'm sure you would be able to a lot of things with a LBD and your light pink dress, I would love to see if you do different looks. Let me know if you do! :)

  2. Nina your looks are amazing and I love the first look more - you are such a sassy diva in all three :)

  3. Hey gorgeous Nina! That colour looks startling on you! I love how you have turned your dress into a top! Great idea! Very original!!

  4. I like the third look, it's very casual and comfy looking, which is always nice in and of itself; then you topped it off with my weakness: a scarf. I can't resist them :) . That look would work for most things here, people are quite laid back when it comes to dress code, nice denim is pretty much acceptable for anywhere that doesn't require a tie to get in.

    1. Thanks Ais! I really like that look too and scarfs are such great accessories, plus they help keep you warm when its cold!!! :)

  5. The style that you write make it really trouble-free to read. And the design you use, wow. Its a really good combination. And I am wondering what is the name of the template you use?
    Jeux de

    1. Hey my dear thank you and I'm using the simple template on blogger! :)

  6. I really like all three looks, but I'm particularly loving the second one. It's got a great mix of dressiness and street for a cool vibe!

    You look great!


    1. Thanks Cassie, yeah I really like that look too! :)

  7. My favorite style is the first one because I love how boots, belt and shirt go along together. I think I will try to copy that....


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