Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Curves Around the World: Steal her Style

Hello Lovelies!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!!! I'm excited for tomorrow, Thanksgiving, I'm excited to be with family and all the yummy food! To those that celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving! And to all my followers I want to say that I am so Thankful to have you all follow me, it is such a blessings! :) 

It's the middle of the week, you know what that means, Curves around the world! And for my new followers "Curves Around the World" is a group of wonderful Curvy ladies from different parts of the world that come together and take part in different themes each week! This week is such a fun one it's "Steal her style" week which is we steal the style of another member of our group. The person who I got was Helen from Everyone Should Sparkle
So here is my take of Helen's style! I was inspired by her tartan look where she wore something similar. She was wearing leggings and a shirt dress that was tartan. I super loved the tartan shirt dress was wearing in the outfit, so when I found out that I got Helen I knew I was going to use that as inspiration. The scarf is a little bit of me but I think she would wear a scarf. But if I didn't wear the scarf I would have worn a statement necklace because Helen wears some great necklaces with her outfits. 
{shirt dress-Old Navy} {Leggings-Forever 21+} {shoes-Call it Spring} {scarf-DIY} 
So I wanted to do a makeup look because she always has great makeup and takes closeups of them but none of my closeups worked and didn't come out. But I hope I did your style justice Helen! 

Sorry for the short post this week but I have to get some stuff ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Once again everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great one and those who aren't in the US I hope you have a wonderful week. Oh and to those in the US if you shop on Black Friday, I hope you all get some great things! :) 

Now don't forget to check out the other wonderful ladies from "Curves Around the World" and see who's style they are stealing!

Kate from Australia - Sparkles and Lace
Helen from England - Everyone Should Sparkle
Thulie from South Africa - Thick Fit and Fabulous 
Aislynn from Denmark - Aislynn's World

XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. Great post! Stay curvy and pretty <3 Do check out my latest post if you have time.. ;)


  2. Just what I pictured for Helen! Long top, black pants and a statement scarf. You totally have her look down Nina and you look so beautiful! That shirt dress looks really good on you. The colour is gorgeous! You did a great job! :)

  3. You definately have captured Helen's Style: love the colour combination - you look beautiful! Great translation gal, spot on!!!

  4. Love it! I would totally wear the scarf too. Fab job Nina! We both did denim for each other-great minds thing alike!

    1. Thanks Helen, I'm so glad you liked the look! :)

  5. Nice look! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  6. Happy belated thanksgiving :)

    Very cute outfit, and I could see Helen wearing all of it.

  7. Very cute outfit!

  8. on of my faves of yours!! love!!


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