Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Curves Around the World: Celebrity Inspired

Hello everyone, it's that time again for another "Curves Around the World" theme challenge. This weeks theme was a little challenging for me but I did the best that I can. This weeks theme is a Celebrity inspired look and I admire a lot of different celebrities for there style, so it was hard to pick just one and then to come up with a look was another thing. 
The celebrity that I chose was Mila Kunis because I really like her style. Her red carpet looks are so elegant and so stylish, there isn't a look that I don't like of hers. The pictures below are some of my favorite looks of hers. But of coarse there are so many more looks of hers that I love as well. 
Picture credits (here, here
I like her street style as well, she dresses comfortably but it's still stylish. 
Picture credits (here, here
Instead of creating a look that is inspired by her style, I took it more literally and tried to recreate the look below. This look is what she wore to the MTV music awards in 2011. I chose this look because I know that I have similar pieces in my wardrobe so that I would be able to pull the look off. 

Picture from (here, here

And here is my look! I took a simple black long sleeve shirt from Old Navy and rolled the sleeves up to the length of how her shirt is. I even tried to make it go longer to one side but it didn't really work. I wanted to straighten my hair but I didn't have a straighter but I tried to copy her hair. 

As for the skirt, it's a DIY that I did a few years back and I've only worn it once. So I took this challenge as a way to wear it again. I made this skirt because I really liked a Balmain skirt and I saw a great tutorial (here) that had great instructions to recreate the look.  You can click the link to see the tutorial yourself, it's really easy. 
Oh I should also Mention that I met Mila Kunis a really long time ago when she was on that 70's show. I actually met her at an NSYNC concert, and when people see this picture they say it looks like we were actually friends because we were dressed pretty identical. She was so nice when I took this picture and she wasn't wearing any makeup but she was still really pretty.  

How do you think I did with the challenge? If you had this challenge who would you choose as your inspiration? 

Now don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies from "Curves Around the World!"  We have a new member joining the group and her name is Bine and she's from Germany, Welcome to our little group!  :) 

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Helen from England - Everyone Should Sparkle
Bine from Germany - Bine Button
Thulie from South Africa - Thick fit and Fabulous

Have a wonderful week! ~Nina~
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  1. I love how your inspiration translated! I think it worked really well. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'm glad it translated well!

  2. Nina wow, great translation - I love that skirt. you are really creative you should do something about your talent to benefit us all :) You really like friends in that picture - Mila Kunis has great style and you nailed this challenge by taking things practical.


  3. I love it!!!!! Your skirt looks so much like hers!! You nailed this girl! Love love love love!!!!

  4. I love here! And you copied it really well!

  5. Wow, the skirt looks really nice -- and it looks so easy to make!

    And it's really cool you got to meet Mila Kunis in person :) It's always fun to meet celebs off-stage ^_^

    1. Thanks Elle, it was pretty easy to make it. And yeah it's pretty cool when you meet celebs in real life! :)

  6. Super cute outfit. I love the skirt, I can't believe you made it!

  7. I love Mila Kunis' style, so great inspiration!! You really nailed the look! That skirt is amazing, and your hair looks great.

    How awesome that you were able to bring the connection back to real life too with the meeting of her years ago.

    Great job!


  8. You rocked it!!! It was so creative of you to make a diy skirt... :-) so cool.... How can i join curves around the world? Looks like fun!


    1. Thanks Kristine, Actually we are looking for new girls, I will message you and let you know! :)

  9. You look really beautiful! It's crazy, your outfits are exactly the same! Amazing job! Mila Kunis is a fab choice!


  10. Wow super post. That is amazing how you made the skirt, it looks identical to Mila Kunis's one.

    LOVE! :)



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