Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Curves Around the World: Denim

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. It seems like forever since I've blogged but it's been only a week because last week was so crazy with the 4th of July holiday. But yeah I'm back and it's that time again for the "Curves Around the World" themed posts. 
This weeks theme is "Denim" and I didn't want to wear jeans because it's still really hot so I wasn't feeling jeans. So I looked through my closet and saw that I have a few different denim items and decided to do double denim. I've never wore two different types of denim before because i was always told not to wear denim together. But I've seen some great outfits from other bloggers that have worn double denim. So I decided to try it myself. 
{top: FashionQ} {skirt: Old Navy} {necklace: H&M} {bag:Moms} {shoes: philippines}
So this is what I came up with, the double denim, a chambray top and a jean skirt. I wore this jean skirt in one of my other posts and you can check how i styled it here. And I know I've worn these same shoes a few times already on my blog but I really like these flats because I think they add a little flair to outfits and they are really comfy too. 
Since a few said it was nice to show the bag that I wear I thought I would show you this one up close. This bag is from my moms closet and I found it while going through her bags and let me tell you it's one of my favorite bags. I use this bag all the time, I've actually wore this bag a few times in some of my posts but have never really showed a close up of it. But yeah it's one of those bucket bags that ties on the top and you can tell it's pretty worn out because I wear it so much. But I think it's a great color and I feel like it matches with everything. My mom doesn't even know where she got this bag but she told me that she got it back in the 70's, so i guess you can say that this bag is vintage! 
Above is a close up of my necklace, I got it a few years ago when I went to San Francisco on a trip with my friends. I feel in love with this necklace right when I saw it but I actually haven't worn it a lot because I didn't really know how to style it. But when I tried it with this top I thought it looked good together. What do you guys think? Does it look ok with this top?  
I got this chambray top recently from a store called Fashion Q at a mall near my aunts house in the Valley and I was so excited because half the store was plus sized. I have the same store at the mall by my house but it doesn't carry plus size clothing, so I was excited to see a new store for plus size clothing plus it was really cheap. This top was only $10, it was such a great deal. I own a chambray button up but it's too hot to wear that so when I saw this I knew it would be perfect for summer because it was sleeveless, so it's easier to wear in the summer. I really like how it's a shirt that ties at the bottom, I've seen a lot shirts that tie at different stores but I could never find one that fit me, so I'm happy I found this one. This top fits well but the boob area likes to bust open once in awhile, I don't know if any of you have that same problem but what I like to do is put a safety pin behind the buttons to help it stay closed.
What do you think about my double denim look? 
Would you wear double denim? 

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Have a wonderful week! ~Nina~
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  1. double denim trend is so key at the moment -- love that u did not use the same shade. yes, this neckpiece is great with your shirt. shoes are taking this outfit to the next level. great post my love

    1. Thanks Thulie, I'm glad you liked my double denim! :)

  2. I really like the necklace and shoes with this outfit. It elevates the casual look to a new level. Also, the mixed denim is done perfectly here with the mixed shades. Love the whole look!

    On another note, I have the same trouble with button-down tops which is why I hardly ever where them. I just think they're too much trouble!


    1. Thanks Cassie, yeah I usually wear button-downs open because I don't like to bother with them keep opening up. lol

  3. Nina you look fabulous as always! I love the necklace and the pop of colour from the bag and the shoes. Double denim looks great on you. I think the same people who say bigger girls shouldn't wear skinny jeans are the same who say dont' wear double denim. I say wear whatever you want, whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever you feel pretty in! :)

    1. Thanks Helen, yeah that's true I think you should wear whatever you like and not care what anyone thinks as long as your happy. :)

  4. I adore this whole outfit! You sure can do double denium!!! you look wonderful!! I love the necklace! Great job!

  5. You are ROCKING that double denim!!! xx

  6. I dig the double denim! I like that they're different shades, and that necklace is amazing.

  7. Hey Nina,
    you look so cute! Love the combination .. and the bag!
    I'm jealous ;-)

    Have a great weekend
    ♥ Bine

  8. Looking really fab! I've recently been finding waist-tie tops extra cute!


    1. Thanks Abi and yeah i'm really like the waist tie tops too! :)


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