Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello Friends, Yay for my first post! I hope everyone had a wonderful day! Since it's St. Patrick's day I had to wear green. I don't really celebrate the holiday but I like to participate in it anyway I can, so wearing green and eating corned beef cabbage with my family is the way I celebrate it. 

My green dress is from Old Navy and the belt is from a pair of shorts that I got from target. The belt actually doesn't fit me with the shorts, so i thought hey i'll just make it work another way and now i wear it with dresses. You have to stay positive and make it work for you. 

The jean jacket that i'm wearing is from Forever 21+ that I got a few years ago when Forever 21 first started their plus size line. I was so excited when I saw the line at one of my local Forever 21. This is my favorite jacket so you might see me wear it a lot in this blog.

Lastly I want to leave you with this video of CeeLo and Kermit the frog singing "Bein' Green." I figure it's fitting because when you think of St. Patrick's Day you think green. This is also one of my favorite performances because who doesn't love the muppets and the meaning of this song to accept who you are. Plus i'm excited for the new season of the Voice. I love the concept of how they don't judge the person by the way they look but by their talent. 

Have a wonderful day! ~ Nina 

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