Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hey everyone and Thank You to all the new followers! :) So I was looking online to see if there was any emerald clothing out there for plus-size women, since it's the color of the year. But I noticed that the options were very limited, didn't see much clothing that was emerald. So I thought of ways that we could incorporate it into our wardrobe and they are listed below. 


Emerald by curvy-mod featuring nicholas kirkwood shoes

1. Accessories - I think this is the easiest way to add emerald into your current wardrobe. For example adding a emerald clutch or some emerald shoes to an outfit can be a great pop of color to an all black outfit. Or If your wearing an every day outfit of jeans and plain t-shit why not add an emerald scarf or some jewelry to really make the outfit extra special. 

2. Makeup - Now this is for the more adventurous people out there that like to change up there makeup. There are plenty of brands out there that have come out with emerald color shadows they look great as a nice smokey eye. But if your more of a neutral shadows kinda girl like me, there are also eyeliners in emerald colors that you can add to make your neutral eye pop. Another thing that I like to do is add a little bit of the colored eye shadow to the bottom of my lower lash line, so it's a little pop of color but not too crazy. 

3. Nail polish - One of the easiest ways to incorporate emerald into your wardrobe is through your nails. I looked online to see the different brands that had an emerald color and there are so many. Nail brands like essie, OPI, China glaze, Revlon and even forever 21 has an emerald color that you can choose from. 

So if your looking for a way to incorporate the color of the year, Emerald in your wardrobe these are a few things you can try. 

Have a wonderful day ~Nina~ 


  1. Love it!!! This is my absolute favorite color! So excited that this is the color of the year. Hopefully, there will be more plus-size options available soon.


    1. Thanks Cassie! I really hope they have some plus-size options soon too because I would love to wear something emerald, its such a pretty color! :)


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