Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashion Star...

Hey friends! So I was catching up on the shows that I DVR and one of them is Fashion star, I liked the show last season and it just started up again and so far I'm enjoying this season. One of the designers this season is a plus sized women and her name is Johana Hernadez. Let me tell you this girl has an awesome style, from the few episodes that they've had so far she has worn some great outfits. 

Here is a picture of Johana, this is from the NBC website. I looked her up and she has a pretty inspiring story and she seems to be pretty successful right now too. She was born in Compton California and her parents worked in sweat shops for high end brands which started her passion for fashion. She has worked for several different brands one being Seven7 jeans which she was the head designer. She has her own collection called GLAUDI which was sold in multiple locations which included Macy's, Lane Bryant, Target and  few others. I defiantly think she's a designer to look out for. You can look her for yourself, here's a link to her clothing website . 

Another thing I wanted to talk about was the last episode which was called "Something for Everyone," I really enjoyed the concept of this episode because it was about making clothes that worked for all body sizes. What happened on the show was they had two models one smaller model and one that was bigger model and they had both models wear the same outfit. This was to show that people of all sizes would be able to wear outfit. I love the concept of the episode because I totally believe that people of all sizes should be able to wear the same thing. But what got me kind of upset was one of the buyers stated that the looks would look great on people from  sizes 0 to 12 and for me I'm not part of that bracket. I just thought that was a little upsetting because they are talking about clothes to fit different sizes yet I am not part of the bracket that they are selling towards. :( 


Above are pictures of the two outfits that I liked the best from the episode. The first is a peplum dress designed by Hunter Bell, and the second is a tunic designed by Cassandra Hobbins. Both looks can be found at express, here is the link . But unfortunately I looked and for the tunics they only have small sizes left and for the peplum they only go up to size 12. I just thought I would share the ups and down's about this certain episode because I was very excited about it and then I was let down after I found out it wasn't really for plus-sized women. But hey you have to look at the positive at least they are acknowledging that their are women of different sizes and that's a step up. 

Have a wonderful day ~ Nina 

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  1. I love this show! I'm a big fan of this girl too!! :)


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