Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fall in the OC

Hey Friends!
So the weekend before Thanksgiving I met up with some OC plus size bloggers to eat, hang out and take pictures. It feels so good to meet bloggers and talk about blogging, the ups and the downs and it's good to know that others go through the same thing you so. Since we took pictures we decided to so a group collaboration for fall because we were all dressed up in fall attire! 
Fall in California is a little different because it can feel like summer, so when the weather cools down everyone including myself gets really excited to wear fall clothes. My fall basics consist of boots and a jacket because those are my favorite things to wear. Boots are just so comfortable to wear and jackets are great to add a little something to outfits. What's your favorite thing to wear in the fall? 
My favorite jacket trend right now has to be bomber jackets, I really love this mauve one I got from Forever 21+, the color is so pretty. I had to size up in this jacket because the arm part was tight on me but other than that it fit great. I'm loving bomber jackets right now but I'm trying to convince myself I don't need more colors. But I'm looking into getting a printed one because I think it would be a great in my closet because I have a lot of plain things. Do you know any place where I can get a cute printed one? I'd love suggestions! 
[Bag:Ross] [Watch:Michael Kors] [Jacket, Jumper & Top:Forever 21+] [Boots:West Seal+]
You can't tell in my other photos that I'm wearing a jumper because of my jacket so the girls told me I should take some pictures with it off. That's one thing I really appreciated about taking pictures with the girls they gave me advice on pictures and helped fix my hair, it's so different when I take pictures with my tripod because its just me and the camera. This post has a few more pictures then I usually have in posts because for the first time I had so many pictures that I liked and it was hard choosing which ones to use. 
Boots are my favorite kind of shoes, I have more pairs of boots then any other kind of shoes in my closet. I'm not sure why I'm so attracted to them but I rather buy a pair of boots then heels, or flats or any other type of shoes. But on the other hand boots can be hard for me to find, especially the ones that go over the calf part. Finding wide calf boots can be hard so when I find ones that fit I get them because I don't know when I'll find another pair. I was lucky to find this pair from Wet seal + a few years ago, I bought this pair online and wasn't sure if it would fit so I was so happy when they did.
Let me tell you about the OC plus size bloggers that I met up with, it all started when Bianca left a message on instagram about how she was moving to the OC and then people started tagging different OC bloggers. That's how it all started and then Jeanne, who I've collaborated with set up our first get together where we ate and talked. Veronica is the one that set up this last one and we went to somewhere called the Anaheim Packing District which is a really cool place to go, it has tons of different food and lots of places to take pictures. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and I'm looking forward to the next one. 
Thanks for reading, please check out the other girls and their posts, they are all linked below! 
XOXO - Nina
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  1. You look great Nina, loved the outfit. I too have been loving bomber jackets, but so far only have one. A printed bomber would be so fun to add to any outfit. I love boots too, since I was a little girl boots have been my fave shoes. I think it makes me feel a little cooler and a bit tough wearing boots, thats why I like them. I had so much fun hanging out with you ladies and definitely looking forward to the next meet up!!!

  2. Love the bomber jacket! It's the perfect finishing touch to your outfit and adds a perfect pop of color and contrast. I haven't found one I have to have yet, but Forever21+ has some affordable options. They have a pink one with white racing stripes down the sleeves and embroidery on the chest. That's the top contender thus far. Looks like you girls had a fun day! Off to check out everyone else's looks!

    <3 Liz

  3. Can it be boot season all year? I'm still on the hunt for some thigh-high boots that my wide calves can slip into. But real talk, I need a jumper stat!

  4. It was so good seeing you again Nina! I love this look on you and I have to admit, I am loving the bomber jacket trend as well.

  5. You gals look terrific! Nice to be introduced to your blogs. - Amy


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