Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rainy day OOTD

Hello Hello! 
So I was suppose to do an OOTD for Thanksgiving but I was running late and I didn't have time to take photos before or after. So I'm giving you another OOTD, from the other day when I met up with some high school friends and it was raining, so rainy day outfit is what you get! 
To everyone that celebrated Thankgiving I hope you had a good one. Since it was Thanksgiving, one my friends was in town so a few of us got together to hang out and catch up. I didn't know it was going to rain because it was sunny when I left the house but it started pouring when we were together, so my outfit might not be the best for a rainy day. 
So these are my current favorite boots, I love boots, I have more boots then any other kind of shoes! So because I have a lot of boots I told myself I wouldn't buy any this year but I saw this pair on clearance at Old Navy for only $15 and I couldn't pass it up! I'm glad I didn't because I love them. My mom use to say to me when I go shopping "If you want it, get it because it might not be there next time," my mom and I are shoppers though so it might not be the best advice but it was right in this case! 
[Jacket:Yours Clothing] [Dress:Forever 21+] [Shoes:Old Navy] [Hat:Forever 21]
I bought this dress to step out of my comfort zone because it's a body con and it's striped. I have grown to really love this dress but the day I wore this I had a little voice in my head that said, "You shouldn't wear that,"and I doubt it for a second. But when that happens I push away the negative thoughts and try to fill it with positive ones and remind myself how much I like the dress. There are always going to be those days were your old negative thoughts come back but it's ok just don't let them get the best of you. I know sometimes you just need to remind yourself. 
I really love this jacket from yours clothing but the strings in the back are really long and hit everything when I walk, when I walk through the parking lot I hear the string hitting the cars. Does anyone have advice on what I can do to keep the strings from moving all around? I'd love to hear if you know. 
Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day! 

XOXO - Nina
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