Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Shorts

Hello Friends!
It's June, can you believe how fast this year is going. June means summer is here and that means summer clothes, one of them being shorts. In today's post I'm sharing an outfit wearing a new pair of shorts that I got from a haul I made recently (here) and some shorts that I'm eyeing this year.
So shorts have always been that one item that I wasn't comfortable wearing. I only started wearing shorts when I started this blog. I didn't like shorts because I wasn't used to wearing them, when I was younger I remember being told that I looked fat in shorts and it kind of stuck with me. But when I started this blog I wanted to push myself and try things I was scared of and one of them was wearing shorts. The first time I wore shorts, I was so uncomfortable in them and I remember I kept pulling them down. But once I forgot that I was wearing them, it was comfortable and no one was saying anything to me. So after that I started wearing shorts more often. 
When I started this blog I only owned one pair of shorts and now I own few of them because they are so comfortable to wear to me now. I picked of this pair of shorts on clearance at Forever 21+ for $8.99 which is a great price for shorts. I really love the asymmetrical front and the details on the front with the buttons and the little pocket. I really like how the shorts give me a nautical feel as well. 
[Top: H&M] [Shorts:Forever 21+ (here)] [Shoes:Burlington Coat Factory]
So if you follow me on instagram you know I cut my hair into a Long bob (lob) but I actually wasn't planning on cutting it this short. I actually wanted it to be a little longer but I guess hair always grows back so I'm getting used to it. I also am taking advantage of it being short dyeing it a rose gold kind of color I always wanted. 
Now below are some short inspirations for you! I put together some different type of shorts and where you can get them.

Jean Shorts...
So jean shorts were the kind of shorts I was scared to wear because I thought they were uncomfortable until I got a pair from forever 21+ that were a stretchy denim and they are one of my favorite pairs that I own. So if you want comfort look for a stretchy material compared to the stiff type. 
Top:(here, here)
Bottom: (here, here

Printed Shorts...
These are my favorite to wear because they are so comfortable, the printed shorts that are cotton and have a stretchy waist. I own a few printed shorts that are these styles, so if you want something comfortable I would suggest something of this style. 
Top: (here, here)
Bottom: (here, here)
So these are some style that I'm really loving right now too. The crochet shorts are very cute as well as colored and the nautical style ones too. 
Top: (here, here)
Bottom: (here, here)

Are you a shorts person? Do you have any favorites from the ones I shared above? 
If your a shorts person I hope you got some shorts inspiration from the blog and if your a person like I was that didn't like shorts I hope you try a pair this summer and see how it is, if you don't like them at least you tried but if you like them then you have something new to add to your summer wardrobe! 
I hope you have a fantastic June! Thank you for reading!

XOXO - Nina
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  1. I am finally back into shorts as well. Last summer was the first time in probably over five years since I wore them. I love these cool ones you found at F21! For me, the key has been finding the right cut and length for my body. And these definitely suite you. I love the whole look & the hair!


    1. Yay, shorts are great for the summer and I'm glad you started wearing them again. Thanks and that is great advice about shorts, I definitely agree.

  2. Your hair looks so cute!! And I love the outfit too. You look great!
    I hadn't worn shorts since middle school, so after a couple decades I just started wearing shorts again in 2014. I love the Bermuda length best for me and have picked up three pairs so far. It surprises me every time I entertain the thought of wearing shorts, but I have so much less fear about it now.

    1. Thanks so much Hailey, and yeah it's crazy how it doesn't scare me to wear shorts. I think what Janeane said above is true it's about find ones that suite you and your comfortable in. :)


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