Monday, December 7, 2015

Cheers! Let's Celebrate the Holidays!

Hello Friends!
So I'm back with another blogger collaboration, if you've been followed my blog last year I did a blogger Christmas party post with a few bloggers and were back doing it again! This time were bringing you outfits from Yours Clothing while incorporating our own themes to our own virtual party. So keep reading to see what I have planned for today! 
So my theme for my virtual holiday party is a Cocktail potluck, now you may be asking what is that, well it's a party where you bring your favorite dish to share as well as having cocktails as well. Well I love potlucks because you always get a variety of food and it helps you with less work as well. Today I will be showing a great cocktail look, some decoration ideas and a recipe for my favorite current cocktail! 
Now we collaborated with Yours Clothing on this post and I wanted something fancy for the cocktail party of the party but also something really comfy. I originally had a whole other outfit planed out but I decided to try something new, something out of my comfort zone and if you saw one of my recent post I wrote how I've been trying to love my double chin and have always stayed away from high necklines. Well on my journey to loving my double chin I decided to try a real high neck and I thought this dress was gorgeous so might as well try it out. 
Now I'm not going to lie the neck was really high for me and it was really uncomfortable at first but then I got used to it. So double chin, I'm choosing to embrace you and love you because you are part of me. This dress kind of helped me realize sometimes I need to embrace my insecurities instead of let it hold me back especially fashion wise because I truly believe you should wear what you want and to break the rules!
Now one thing I absolutely loved about the dress is the back and since it has such a high neck line the back needs to show some skin. The lace detailing on the sleeves are another thing that I love about the dress. The fabric is light so when it's colder you might want to wear a pair of tights when you wear the dress.  
[Dress & Shoes:Yours Clothing] [Earrings: Forever 21]
Now since I'm wearing all black and I wanted something fun to make the outfit pop and I figured some leopard booties would do the trick. The booties are wide with and are very comfortable, I wore the booties a few times out with jeans and they really help give a boost to simple outfits. 
Photo taken by friend Rhoda Dizon
So for a cocktail party a great idea is to supply each guest with their own cup and a good thing you can use are mason jars. You can write each persons name on the mason jar by attaching a tag or any way you want, so they know which up is theirs and it doubles as their gift to take home. 
You can also put little label on cups like the one above and write peoples names on them. 
Photo taken by friend Rhoda Dizon
Now on to the cocktails, you can decorate certain places around the room with little signs with the name of the drink and the ingredients that are in it and instructions on how to make the cocktail. They can make the cocktail and put it in their mason jar, this is a good way to have the guest move around the room. 
Photo taken by friend Rhoda Dizon
So it might look a little something like this(above), it's a fun way for guest to do something interactive and also helps guest speak to each other while at the different stations. 

You can serve whatever cocktails you like and even offer a punch or sangria that is already made. One of my favorite cocktails as well as my friends is a Moscow mule, it's such a refreshing drink and it's also very easy to make and easy to change up too. So to make it more of Christmas version you can add some cranberry juice like the recipe below.  
  •  Ingredients 
    • 2 oz vodka
    • 4 - 6 oz ginger beer
    • 2 oz of cranberry juice
    • a splash of lemon or lime (I use lemons and you can have them pre-cut for the guest)
    • cranberries to garnish
  • Instructions
    • Add some ice into mason jar
    • Pour vodka, ginger beer and cranberry in mason jar
    • Squeeze lemon in
    • stir, garnish and enjoy
Are you excited for the Holidays? What are you looking forward to? Do you have a favorite cocktail right now? I'd love to here what it is! 
 Cheers everyone and Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out the other ladies and their parties! 
XOXO - Nina
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  1. What a fun holiday twist on the Moscow Mule! I'd probably love this cocktail, and it sounds super simple!

    I love your outfit, by the way. I'm kind of kicking myself for not picking it myself. lol Like you, I'm also averse to high necklines, but it really works with the simple styling you've done here. It makes the leopard boots POP! And I've been binge-watching Project Runway on Hulu, and they keep saying if you're going to cover up in one area, you should reveal skin somewhere else. This dress is a perfect example of that. The back is absolutely stunning! You looks so stylish and cute in this. I love it!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, I was drinking that moscow mule during my christmas party with my family, it's so yummy. But yeah I am so glad I went with the outfit because I really love how it looks. I love project runway and I love that saying. hehe

  2. This is such a cool party idea to be your own bartender! And that black lace with your skin showing through is beyond!!! I am right there with you with the high necklines, I have actually been considering getting turtlenecks. Whats up with that? You have shown that if you push yourself, you can reap the rewards of a fabulous look. And do not even get me started on those shoes, they are some kind of amazing.


    1. Thanks Janeane, Oh my gosh I've been thinking of looking into turtlenecks myself but I'm not too sure about it yet, I'm still trying to find one that I like.

  3. omg you look adorable. LOVE your hair like that.

    1. Thanks Elle, I kind of used one of your hair tutorials for this look but changed it a little to work with me. :)


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