Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Curves Around the World: Favorite Sex and The City Character

Hello Sweeties!!!
How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is enjoying there week so far. If your in California I hope your staying cool in 100 degree weather were having. But yes it's the middle of the week and that means "Curves Around the World" and this weeks theme is favorite Sex and the City character. Well for me this was kind of hard because I didn't watch the TV series, but I did watch the movies. So for this challenge I had to do a little research. 

So by research, I mean I took some of those online tests. I actually got both Charlotte and Carrie in different tests, but for the most part I got Charlotte. When I read why I got Charlotte in the little descriptions, I really agreed that she is a good representation of me. Although I know most fashionista's would love to be Carrie because she had some great outfits on the show, I was really glad I got Charlotte, I think she is just as stylish as Carrie but in her own way. 

So I had to do some research on Charlotte's style and I have to say I really like her style, she is very classic and chic. So I created my own mood board on her style to give me some inspiration and as you can see from above my theme for the mood board is white, classic and feminine. 
So I went with a white dress and I have to tell you this was very much out of my comfort zone. I love the trend of white but I am always scared to wear white because I'm very clutzy and scared that I will get dirty. Plus I after I looked at the pictures I got really self conscious about my arms. I know I've over come wearing sleeveless but this is the first time I'm wearing a spaghetti strap and it really made me uncomfortable, I really wanted to throw on a sweater but when I took these pictures it was 102 degrees so it was very hot. So I told myself to not be ridiculous and just get over it. So I took the pictures and when I looked at them at home I started to spot things I didn't like but as I write this I'm realizing that no one is perfect and I shouldn't put myself down and nit pick at things because it's still my body. 
{Dress: Old Navy} {Belt: from a forever 21+ dress} {Shoes: Forever 21}
The dress is new I just got it this weekend, it was on sale and I thought it would be perfect for this theme. The dress is actually an eyelet material but I don't think you can see it in the pictures. I really love the style of the dress it and I chose this dress because I feel like I could wear it a lot this spring and summer. I added a little brown belt because there are a lot of pictures of Charlotte wearing skinny belts and I wanted to break up all the white. 
So before I go I want to remind everyone that not all bodies are the same but they all are beautiful. I know I need to remind myself this all the time especially today when I was not being nice to myself. Sometimes you just need the reminder to love yourself and your body because it's the only one you have. :) Thanks for reading! 
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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. LOVE this look. You look wonderful in white, and I love the touches of brown. You really nailed the theme as well. Yay for baring those arms!!! :-D


    1. Thanks Cassie, you inspired me to try the whole white outfit! :)

  2. Charlotte's style suits you so well hon, you look stunning! The white looks great on you, fantastic outfit for the challenge. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. As for your arms, we all have arms, I show mine off when the weather gets warm enough for it (at 102, I'd be challenged to be wearing much of anything at all, that's just too darned hot!).

    Just be careful if you eat anything while wearing it, if you've got my luck it'll end up all over your dress ;)

    1. Thanks Ais and your so right it was even hotter the next day and I for sure was trying to wear the least amount of clothes. ;p

  3. You look stunning Nina!!!! Love the dress!!!! :)

  4. i LOVE this post nina :) first cause im a huge fan of the show and i feel like i can relate to Charlotte the most in terms of personality and style. i think this is by far my fave outfit of yours. simple, beautiful, and you look very glowy <3

  5. I am not a Charlotte fan, but I am a fan of her style. Like you said: classic and chic. She is certainly a prim and proper lady, if she is a bit whiny and annoying. But anyways. I think you wear this beautifully. The crisp white looks awesome against your skin, and the tan accessories keep the look minimalistic and breezy. I think we're all our own toughest critics, but I can't see anything but radiance and prettiness in these photos. You look truly gorgeous! And now I need a white lace dress. Stat.

    <3 Liz

    1. Awww thanks Liz, yeah your right we are our worst critic and I'm trying not to be so bad to myself.


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