Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Curves Around the World: Timeless

Hello Lovelies!!! 

Well it's that time again for another theme from "Curves Around the World!" This weeks theme is..."Timeless," so this theme kind of left me a little stumped because I had certain styles in my mind but I didn't know how to translate it into my style. When I think of timeless I think of Carolina Herrera and Audrey Hepburn but this theme made me realize my lack of the basics in my closet. But I didn't want to go out and buy something, so my challenge was to create a look from the clothes that I already had.
So I searched "Timeless Fashion" on pinterest and I saw a list that is similar to the one above which had about 9 different things but I decided to redo it with the ones that I really liked and used it as my guide for this challenge. These are my favorite points from the original list and I feel these are great points to Timeless fashion. The two that I really used when choosing my outfit was "Keep choices simple" and "Be yourself." 
So when I thought to myself about "Timeless," the first thing I thought was Black and white! Black and white is something that never goes out of fashion and is timeless. So when I looked to through my wardrobe I thought why not wear something that is more casual then dressy. So I chose black legging and a black and white stripped tank with a black sweater. Something really simple and something that is really me at the same time, the two things I wanted to focus on from the list. 
{top & Sweater:Old Navy} {Leggings:Forever 21+} {Shoes:Forever 21}
Although I wanted a more casual outfit I did accessorize the outfit a bit to make it a little bit more dressed up. I paired my casual outfit with heels and pearls, that I feel are both timeless items. I borrowed my mom's peal earrings and used my faux peal necklace as a bracelet.
Now that's my take on "timeless" for this weeks theme. How do you think I did with this timeless theme? What do you think about when you think timeless? 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. I thought about which fashion piece made it through history and you are so right with your shirt! It survived the 20's and 30's, the 80's and 90's and it is still present today - and you look so cute with it :) love your style Nina

  2. I agree with the dodging of trends for timeless; trends are fun, but they're not around in 30 years most of the time. The exceptions become timeless :) Love black and white outfits, and pearls - you look so comfortable, but very stylish.

    1. Thanks Ais, and yes trends are fun to try but only the exceptions become timeless! :)

  3. Love your look - you nailed a timeless look! Very Audrey Hepburn and very modern at the same time. Great job! :-)

    P.S. I do love black and white!


    1. Thanks Cassie, yeah I know, I love your black and white looks! :)

  4. Awwwwww Nina you look sooo gorgeous! I love the photos. Your whole look is perfect timeless beauty!

  5. Nina you look fantastic!! I love this look on you so much!! The stripes are super. :) xx


  6. one of my fave outfits ever of yours


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