Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring back to basics!

Hello Hello!
I hope your all doing great, I've been so uninspired recently fashion wise, I think I was in a little fashion funk. But whenever I get this way I go back to the basics and what I know and to me that's black and white. I think I've been so fixated about wearing more color that I forgot about my favorite color combination black and white. So today's outfit is my back to basics spring outfit. 
So I wore this outfit to have dinner with a friend and I wanted to wearing something casual but still me which is totally this outfit. This is kind of like what you would call my uniform for when I don't know what to wear a skirt and a top with a jean jacket. Do you have a uniform that you wear when you don't know what to wear? 
I love the trend of wearing sneakers with everything especially skirts because it's such a comfortable alternative. I wore sneakers because I knew we were going to walk to the restaurant because it was such a nice day and it's so close by my friends place. 
Right now it's really hot in California, we are having like summer weather right now. But the day I wore this it was a bit more chilly and that's why I'm wearing the jacket. Have you ever heard of the term bridging before? I wrote a little about it on my instagram but if you haven't it's the term when you wear a jacket or something that acts as a bridge between the crop top and your bottom. So my jean jacket is acting as a bridge from my top to my skirt. What do you think about the term? 
[Jacket-Old Navy] [Top:Forever 21+] [Skirt:H&M+] 
So I haven't always been comfortable wearing a crop tops but the more that I've worn them the more I've gotten used to them. I feel a lot more comfortable in them now and I can see them becoming one of my staples for spring and summer. What do you think your spring/summer staple will be this year? 
Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day!

XOXO - Nina
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