Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four Fall Trends with Yours Clothing

Hello Friends!!!
So I know it's been awhile since I've posted, I have had a lot going on with me personally. First I had a death in my family, my uncle passed away and it was hard for me because I saw him almost every day since he got sick. And after my uncle passed I got really sick and I just recently got out of the hospital. This post was originally supposed to be up last week but I got admitted to the hospital so we had to push the post back. I'm doing better but I'm still recovering, but I'm back and I'm starting to get back to all my blog things. 
So for today's post I teamed up with some of my close blogger friends and Yours Clothing for show you some of our favorite trends for fall. Janeane of "Designing From My Closet" is showing you an awesome Cozy Boho outfit. Liz from "With Wonder and Whimsy" is giving you a gorgeous Modern Victorian look. I'm showing you a Military type outfit. Hailey of "Discourse of a Divine Diva" is giving you a Cold shoulder outfit. So check out their awesome fall looks by clicking the links and showing them some love!
So even though it's scorching hot right now in California and we just got over a heat wave here I'm still dreaming of Fall because I'm so ready for the cooler temperatures. So when I was looking through "Yours Clothing" new clothing and thinking of fall I immediately feel in love with this jacket. I loved the khaki green or Olive green color which is a big trend for fall. 
I love the draped front of the jacket when it's closed it such a great detail. I can imagine it being a rainy or cold day and bundling up in this jacket. The details are good enough to stand on their own with just jeans. 
[Jacket - Yours Clothing
[Jeans - Yours Clothing] [Boots - Ross]
So when I was thinking of what to pair with the Jacket I thought these jeans with ripped knees would pair great with the jacket. I don't remember the model wearing these specific jeans when I picked them out but the current model in the picture is wearing the same pair.
[Tank - Forever 21+]
The jacket looks just as great open then it does when it's closed. I decided to pair a simple grey tank with the outfit so that it's not all black and it give it more of a military outfit. For reference I'm wearing a 16 in both the jacket and the jeans and they fit really well on me. 
Another thing I really like about the jacket is the hood, I think hoods are just fun and they are great when it rains. I'm hoping it will rain more this year in California because I enjoy the rain and we really need it too. 
What are some of the fall trends you are looking forward to?
Thanks for reading and please visit the other ladies and check out their fall trends. 
XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. This look is adorable on you, Nina! I am in love with this jacket, and I like how it creates a different look depending on whether you wear it opened or closed. I actually really like the photo with the hood up. You're definitely selling this jacket, and the longer length makes it look so cozy and hip. And these jeans have that worn-in feel like you've had them for ages. This look definitely suits you! I'm so glad you found a great fit with these pieces, especially considering it's your first time ordering from Yours! Happy to see you back on the blog. I know you've been going through a lot. *hugs*

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, I'm so glad that everything fit because I wasn't sure. The jeans are so comfortable, I see myself wearing them a lot in the fall and winter. Thanks so much for your support for this project! :)

  2. I hope you're feeling much better, and I'm so sorry for your loss! Rough times, but I'm glad you're back!

    I LOVE that jacket!! It looks really awesome on you, and I love the way you paired it with other neutral.s Seriously, you look great!!

    And, I am so looking forward to fall too - the best fashion! :-)


    1. Thanks so much Cassie, and yes I love the jacket, its light enough for California weather when it's cold but not too heavy.


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