Monday, April 6, 2015

Curves Around the World: Out of my Comfort zone

Hello Friends!
So it's Monday again and you know what that means, "Curves Around the World!" This weeks theme is out of my comfort zone. I really like challenging myself and trying different styles and making myself get out of my comfort zone. In the past I've challenged myself to wear shorts and go sleeveless and those two things have stuck with me and are now part of my everyday style. For today's theme it's a specific item that I'm challenging myself with and it's white jeans!
So I have had this pair of white jeans in my closet for over a year and have not worn them even once. I really liked the all white trend and have tried it quite a few times but for some reason wearing white jeans scared me for some reason. I have seen a few plus size bloggers rocking white jeans and I told myself I need to wear my pair. But every time I have a chance to wear them I always opt for something else to wear. 
So since today's theme is out of my comfort zone I figured it was a good time to wear my white jeans. I have to say at first it was uncomfortable because I kept thinking I was going to sit somewhere or spill something on them but after awhile I forgot I was wearing them. But I also have to say that I did have a few marks here and there on them but I realized it's ok it will happen because they are white jeans. 
[Jeans:Jessica Simpson] [Top & Blazer:Forever 21+] [Shoes:Forever 21] [Bag:H&M]
So after wearing these jeans out, I'm going to try to push myself to wear them more often. I think they will be a great pair to wear for spring, I just need to be extra careful when I wear them because I'm such a clumsy person. I can't believe I stopped myself from wearing these white jeans because I was afraid of getting dirty. 
If you could step out of your comfort zone for a specific trend or piece of clothing what would it be? What keeps you from wearing the trend or piece? Do you wear white pants? If you do how do you keep them clean throughout the day? 
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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. For some reason I have an issue with Chambray shirts. I love seeing them on others, but once I put one on I just end up taking it off. I really need to work on that. I love white pants and jeans. I just got a new pair recently and can't wait to wear them. So far I have not had many issues with getting my white capris dirty. I think I wore them at least twice a week, every week last summer.

    Designing From My Closet

    1. Oh chambray shirts are tricky, I had a hard time finding one that fit me but when I finally did it was great because I ended up wearing it all the time. Oh white capris sound really cute for spring and summer, I think I just need to get used to wearing something so white but I think I will be wearing it this spring and summer. :)

  2. Very cute, Nina! I love how the green bag pulls the green out of the floral print and really makes the outfit pop. I think it was smart to pair the white jeans, which you're self-conscious about, with a patterned top and bold bag. I think that's great advice for someone wanting to try something out of their comfort zone: the first time around, pair that one item with other pieces that make a statement. That way the focus won't be on the item you're self-conscious about.

    I'm also self-conscious about white jeans, partly because they can show every lump and bump, and partly because - like you - I'm afraid of getting them dirty. I think you look great in these, and you did a lovely job of styling the outfit around the white jeans. I'm glad you're going to make an effort to wear them more this spring because I think they fit and flatter you well!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz and yeah that is really great advice, I didn't even think of it like that with the print and the bag. I just wanted something not plain to go with the jeans. But yeah that is another thing about white jeans they do show everything, that is why I wore a long top that can cover up those lumps I dont want to show. hehe

  3. I love white jeans and pants. I just think they are so crisp for spring and summer. I love how you styled them with the floral top and the green bag. The darker blazer would make me personally feel less worried about getting the jeans dirty. I know that doesn't make much sense, but I think it would be easier knowing that if I dropped food or something, it would likely land on my darker top half.

    I'm not a huge fan of crop tops because of my belly issues, but I'm learning to get over those issues some and have a crop top that I have been wearing here and there.


    1. Cassie I get what your saying about the darker blazer, it makes sense and maybe that's why I went for a blazer that's longer then a shorter lighter jacket. But yeah crop tops are still kind of something that I'm not 100% about myself but I think little steps help and I love the crop top you have been wearing your blog.

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