Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Curves Around the World: Winter White

Hey Lovelies!!!
I hope everyone is doing great! Today's theme is something our group has been wanting to do but I think we all have been a little scared to do, It's all white! Wearing all white can be a scary thing because it's all white and if your like me I'm very clumsy so I'm always scared I'm going to spill something on it. But I've been opening myself up to wearing more white.
So wearing white isn't that easy but I think one of the main things you need to have when wearing white is confidence! I know for sure if this was a couple of years ago I would not be able to pull this off because I wouldn't have the confidence to wear this. But I've been growing so much through this blog that I've gained a better understanding of myself that in turn makes me feel a lot more confident.
So to help break up the all white outfit, I wore two different textures. I'm wearing a knitted sweater with a light chiffon skirt. Having two different textures help add dimension to the outfit.  
{Watch - Target} {Bag - Kenneth Cole Reaction} 
{Sweater, Top and Shoes - Old Navy}
I wore accessories that are neutral to keep the outfit simple and let the white stand out on it's own. But you can always add statement pieces to white also, I was thinking of going that way but I wanted to keep it simple.  
Thanks For reading! What do you think of the all white trend? Now don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies, links below! 

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XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. Hi Nina! you look good on white.. hmm I think all out outfits are on trend these days... Have a nice day love!


    1. Thanks Cassie! Yeah I think all wearing monochromatic looks is on trend.

  2. I love an all-white look, and I love that you kept the accessories neutral and soft as well. You look really gorgeous in white - you should wear more of it!!

    Love the mix of textures and slight color contrast of the sweater and skirt.


    1. Thanks Cassie, I'm glad you liked the look! :)

  3. love this look on you--you glow in all white!

  4. I really like this look on you, really makes your accessories pop; well done! :)

  5. Love the sandals. You look cute hun.

  6. This look is so chic and ladylike. You shared a really great tip when you recommended breaking up the white with two different textures. Genius! I wouldn't have thought of that. I find all white so intimidating, like you said. I would be too freaked out to problem solve and think about mixing different textures. Next time I approach a solid colored outfit, or - heaven forbid - an all white outfit, I'll keep your tip in mind!

    I like that you balanced the white with a bag in black in tan. It's another smart way to add contrast.

    I love that you're growing more confident through this blog. You definitely take risks with your fashion that I admire and try to emulate.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Nina!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, I'm glad you liked my tip and I'm sure it can work with any monochromatic look. And yeah I definitely have realized I'm taking more and more risks, I think it comes from me being more confident then I used to be. :)


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