Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Curves Around the World: Vintage

Hey Lovelies! I hope September is treating you well so far!
Well it's that time again for another "Curves Around the World" post and this week's theme was a little tricky. We've actually have moved this theme around since we started and it's also been changed to be more broad. This week's theme is "Vintage," your probably thinking that is such an easy theme. But it's not because I know a lot of us were really stuck on this theme, myself included! I love vintage but I don't honestly dress vintage, plus vintage can mean so many things. 
So finally my inspiration came this weekend, I randomly went to the movie store to rent a movie because it was hot to go out so I just wanted to stay in and watch a movie. At the movie store I noticed they had "The Great Gatsby," if you've been following my blog you know that I wrote about wanting to watch this movie and loving art deco pieces. Well when I watched the movie I absolutely fell in love with all the costumes from the movie. So I knew I wanted to do something from the flapper times but I didn't want it to be like a costume. 
{Top & Dress | Forever 21+} {Hat | Old Navy}
So I originally had a whole other outfit planned out but when I tried it on, I realized it didn't fit me anymore. But I think the outfit that I came up with came out pretty well. I wanted something that had a dropped waist and since my original dress didn't fit, I decided to create my own outfit with a dropped waist. I wanted to go for an outfit that was more wearable then a costume and I definitely think I would wear this outfit, minus the necklace though. What do you think? Is it too much like a costume? 
The top I got during a sale at Forever 21+ and I haven't worn it yet because I could never find the right outfit for it to go with or an occasion to wear it but I decided it went so well with my 1920's inspired look I had to wear it. When I saw this top I feel in love with it because I love the detailing on it. You can't really see it in my outfit pictures that's why I took a closer picture of it so you could see the details, it reminds me of Art Deco and which I wrote about before and could read it (here). But the problem with the top is that its sheer so I decided to pair it with the inside one of my dresses that's from Forever 21 and I think they paired well together. What do you think of my Art Deco shirt? 
So to top off the whole look I paired it with an Old Navy hat that I bought last spring but never wore it because with California weather it was too hot to wear. I've always been a fan of these "Cloche" hats because they seem really chic and there were a few times I saw people wearing these types of hats in the movie, so i knew it would be a great finishing piece to the outfit. Oh I can't forget the pearls, I think they tie the whole outfit together. And I'm really happy with the outcome of my "Vintage" inspired look.

How do you think I did with my "Vintage" inspired look? 

Well now that you've seen my "Vintage" look don't forget to check out the other awesome Ladies from "Curves Around the World" and their "Vintage" looks! 

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If your from a place around the world not listed and would like to join our "Curves Around the World" group feel free to contact any one of us! 

XOXO ~ Nina ~
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  1. I love your outfit!!!! Very art deco! You look gorgeous!

  2. you did great, nothing to worry about: that hat, pearls and art detail on your top sealed the deal - you look amazing. Great Gatsby is a great source to draw vintage inspiration from :)


    1. Thanks Thulie, I'm happy that the movie inspired me, so i could come up with this outfit! :)

  3. I would definitely wear the outfit with the necklace and maybe minus the hat (love the hat with more fall/wintery pieces).

    You did a great job with your theme. I love 20s Deco-inspired fashion. The fashion in Gatsby was amazing!

    Your look is very modern but has a strong vintage feel which makes it cool!


    1. Thanks Cassie and yeah your right the outfit would work with the necklace and I'm happy it looks modern and not too much like a costume. :)

  4. i saw this cute hat in instagram! ^^ i really like it nina <3 and i didnt notice the details of your top until now. its really pretty :)

  5. Gorgeous! And you got to watch the movie you wanted too so you got another thing off your list!:) can't believe the top is forever 21 you make it all look so expensive!:)


  6. What a lovely outfit! It's very vintage and very feminine and pretty. It looks really good. You really suit the hat :)


    1. Thanks Helen, you probably will be seeing on my blog again! hehe


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